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Never Forget Your Value

Monday Morning Wake Up CallYour Motivation, Inspiration, & Direction for the Week Ahead A speaker started off a seminar by holding up a $100 bill in front of 200 attendees. He asked, “Who would like this $100 bill?”   Two hundred hands went up. He smiled and said, “I am going to give this $100 to

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Knowledge + Action=Power

Monday Morning Wake Up CallYour Motivation, Inspiration, & Direction for the Week Ahead Successful people constantly learn and grow. They understand that Knowledge + Action = Power. The more you know and apply in your chosen field, the more money you’ll earn.  In today’s world, there are so many tools at your disposal, allowing you

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4 Ways to Amplify Your Personal Brand

Being yourself is one way to standout from others as you build your personal brand.Here are four other tips you can use to amplify who you are in your market. Have a focus. Know your target audience and tell your story consistently. Don’t try to be all things to all people.  Act natural. People appreciate

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5 Ways to Consistently Build Your Business

Consistently building success takes commitment and systems, here are five ways you can begin… Identify your passion – then go for it! Whatever it is, pursue your passion and share it with others. People love to connect with passionate people and in the end your clients will want to engage with the genuine you. Commit

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Breast Cancer Awareness Social Artwork

Breast Cancer Awareness Social Artwork Feel free to download and use for your Facebook. Courtesy RE/MAX Elite Marketing Department Other Resources:  For RE/MAX Agents, free to download and use! For even more social image options, check out RE/MAX LLC’s designs by going to www.remaxmarketing.com RE/MAX Creative FB Group – A great place where RE/MAX’ers share

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You’ve Got This!

When you believe in yourself, you can move boldly forward with confidence. Trusting yourself allows you to have faith in your ideas, talents and abilities, even when others doubt you.  We all have potential and greatness in us, but we need to reach inside and pull it out! Confidence is that inner faith that says,

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What Our Agents Say

had NO idea a Brokerage would do so much for an agent! In one month I have had more training, coaching & tools than in my entire real estate career!

Debbie Scheffter

( )

RE/MAX Elite doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk and are constantly exceeding our expectations! ~Chris Henderson & Ellis Wong

Ellis Wong

( )

We are so lucky to have Heather that can guide and train our team which allows us to focus on our business and reaching our goals. She is always available to bounce ideas off of.

Coastal Estate Team

( )

If you can’t succeed at RE/MAX Elite, you won’t succeed anywhere. They have more systems, tools & support than I have ever seen before!

Bart Miranda

( )

The problem with RE/MAX Elite is that I’ve been overwhelmed with so much business since joining ? The support and leads have been off the charts and something I never received at my previous brokerage. My future is looking much brighter thanks to my new found Elite family!

Angela Lawless

( )

I really love what we have going on at RE/MAX Elite. I am amazed by the number of leads that the Office generates for me. It gives me great pride to be part of the #1 Organization and the #1 RE/MAX office in Brevard County! This not only provides benefits to me as an Agent, but my Clients are able to reap the rewards as well.

Jeanne Hanson

( )

I could not be happier about my move to RE/MAX Elite! Justin Brown along with his amazing Staff, have put together a team of professionals that truly are a joy to work with. The attitude is positive, and the leadership is forward looking and responsive. The other Agents are experienced professionals who not only motivate you to be your best by their example, but are willing to share with you how to be your best. An Agent I worked with at another company moved to RE/MAX Elite before I did and told me how happy he was there. Now that I’ve made the move Myself, I understand what the excitement was all about. If you’re thinking about moving to RE/MAX Elite, stop thinking and do it now. It’s the best career move you’re going to make!

Andy Barclay

( Broker Associate )

The McCoy-Freeman Group has worked along side of Justin Brown our entire Real Estate careers. Justin is now currently acting as the Owner/Broker of RE/MAX Elite. McCoy-Freeman hangs our license with Justin at RE/MAX Elite because of the integrity and professionalism that he brings to the table as a Broker. We enjoy our relationship with the best Real Estate office in Brevard County. Thanks to you Justin!

McCoy Freeman Group

( Realtor )

Changing companies after 7 years isn’t easy and moving a team of 5 makes it even more painful. Justin, Heather, Lisi and all the rest of the girls made our move smooth and painless. I have worked with a lot of people in this industry over the last 15 years and the RE/MAX Elite crew ranks at the top. Very seldom do you get what was promised before you agree to move. With this move, we received everything and more. Justin and I went to broker training together and we share the same business/ethical values. RE/MAX Elite has been a perfect fit for my team. Thanks for all of your support!

Brad Kuhns

( Kuhns Realty Group )

recently went up against competitors in Lansing Island for a $1.7 million dollar listing. Justin stopped what he was doing and went out of his way to assist me in securing the listing. We talked about what to say and how to say it. He even took the time to e-mail responses to objections the seller was making about the competition. All I had to do was simply copy & paste what he said and send along with my signature on it. Long story short, I won the listing and sold the house 3 weeks later. By leveraging the knowledge and support of a Billion Dollar Broker, I now have an additional $30,395 sitting in my bank account! The value that I receive working with Justin, Heather, Susan, Lisi, Sharon and the rest of the crew here at Elite has been priceless!

Karen Osiniak

( Realtor )

Justin is very professional, ethical and a forward thinking person. I have known Justin for many years, his standard of service and the running of RE/MAX ELITE is outstanding. If you are a Realtor working for any other company, I would highly recommend you come and speak to the best!

Sue Tillman

( Realtor )

Theresa Friend describes this office to the nines. My entire professional career has been in real estate, and I have never experienced a business, much less a brokerage, like Justin provides at RE/MAX Elite. He offers the TOTAL package and the team he has in place are the most ethical, knowledgeable, and helpful team you will find.If you are looking to advance your career, count on Heather for guidance. Her marketing and technology ideas are fresh and exciting, and she works diligently to offer training designed for you to achieve your individual goals. I have finally found Home with RE/MAX Elite! My only regret is that I should have moved sooner!

Theresa Friend

( Realtor )

Our meeting with Susan was well worth the time we spent with her. She opened our eyes to the simple things that we knew we should be doing, but just don’t ever seem to find the time to get it done. She gave us some great ideas that we plan on implementing into our business plans. Thank you Susan for the great one-on-one time!

Lou Ann Janke

( Realtor )

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