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Focus on the Solution and NOT the Problem!

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Focus on the Solution and NOT the Problem!

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focus on the solutionI’ve been drilling this statement into the heads of our agents since we opened our doors back in 2006.  Some have had more issues than others, which means they have heard me sing this tune like a broken record over the years 🙂So often in the world of business we allow our emotions to get the better of us.  When that happens the logical side of the brain shuts down and the irrational responses take over.

In real estate there are so many moving parts spinning in motion behind the scenes.  You could have the buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, buyer, seller, tenant, landlord, title agent, lender, insurance provider, home warranty rep, home inspector, contractors, attorneys, surveyors, appraisers, family relatives etc. and the list goes on.  Any one of these players can stir the pot on a moments notice and send blood pressure readings through the roof.

When this happens we all have a choice to make.  We can meet them at their level OR choose to rise above and redirect our energy towards a peaceful resolution. In every case that I’ve intervened with over the years, the answer was not far away once we removed all obstacles from the equation.  Finding common ground is easier to do with a level head versus one that resembles a rupturing volcano.

Does pressure make you fresher, or do you tend to be sucked into the chaos when the sky appears to be falling?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

May the force be with you!

By Justin Brown aka JB | Jedi Master Yoda @ RE/MAX Elite


Jesse Hall (@J2daHizzay)

November 16, 2015at 12:51 pm

I concur. The job has enough built-in stress. No need to allow other external forces from the dark side to interrupt your well being. May the force be with you.

Sheryl Jones

November 17, 2015at 10:30 am

Every situation that begins negative can be turned around with the right attitude! I am exposed to many good people having bad things happen to them yet we always seem to turn things around. When it is raining ….. know the rain will end and pretty soon the “sunshine” will come, the flowers will bloom and things will be more positive. I have found in my life and career to look for the positive as it is the only way to concur and come out ahead! There are many lessons to be learned, people to meet during the bad times that will push you forward in life! The greatest thing of all is the more we learn the more we can teach others!

You know Justin I think it is called, “getting wiser or later in life having the wisdom to make a difference”. Make it a great day!

Craig Tomchik

November 17, 2015at 5:44 pm

Great Post. So very true on the emotional side for far too many agents. When I hear an agent talk about MY BUYER or MY SELLER, I know I’ve got an agent emotionally involved – and far too often, the agent takes ownership of the contract.

I find my concentration is on “how do we get this closed for the client” ? Thinking about “You Get Better As You Serve Others”.

Real Estate should not be life or death. Focus on the most logical route to close the transaction – and get paid.

Erika Brown

November 18, 2015at 10:23 pm

Great post JB. When the sky seems to be falling, I lean on prayer. Immediately I can tackle anything on logic and reasoning versus emotion. And boy what a difference when emotion can be left out.

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