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How do I drive traffic to my website?

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How do I drive traffic to my website?

One of the top questions we are always asked is:

“How do I drive traffic to my website”?

Here are our top 5 methods for driving traffic to your website!  This article is about what you can be doing to drive the visitors to your website.  Of course you will also want to have an easy way for someone to contact you once they get there in order to capture those visitors!  ?

#1 – Marketing Pieces! EVERY marketing piece you do should have your website address.  From your business card, listing flyers, print ads or any other visual marketing piece you make!  Make it as easy as possible for someone to find your site.

#2 – Social Media!  Driving traffic to your website via your social channels will be your #1 traffic source!   We use our my website as our resource HUB so our blogs are information pieces that we can post with tips, giveaways, specials, etc.  This is a great source for social sharing and it drives people back to our website to read the full article.  Facebook drives over 50% of our website traffic.

#3 – Analyze your website traffic!  Your website should have google analytics set up (if not, stop reading this post and do this NOW)!  By evaluating WHERE your traffic is coming from, you will know what is working and what isn’t.  If you have a high bounce rate from an online ad it is easy to assume that your text or call to action was not very clear to the consumer and they went to your site for something else, or if you have a high bounce rate in general it may be time to revamp that home page.  Using Google Analytics you will be able to see what pages are working, where the traffic is coming from which will help you understand the consumer behaviors.

#4 – Pinterest!  Yes, Pinterest is a social channel but I believe it deserves its own # in this post.   Pinterest is the #1 growing social platform and you should be there!  Most people are re-pinners meaning they find great photos that are fun or informative and they re-pin that photo onto one of their boards.  If you are pinning photos from your website that photo is always attached to your website via the “source” so every time someone re-pins your photo it will have the backlink to your website!   You can even upload images and click then edit and add your website as the source.  That may seem confusing but it is as though your website is shared with thousands of people every time someone re-pins your photo so make sure that your blog photos are picture perfect!  Pinterest is the 2nd highest source for driving traffic to our website!

#5 – Online Advertising! Of course you could always run ads on several different platforms.  Google Adwords, Facebook and on and on.  There are so many other platforms (based on your business needs).  You can pay per click based on keywords and the audience that you choose.  I personally have only used the ads on facebook to drive traffic back to my website via a blog or special but there are several reputable blogs with great resources on this topic.  When using online advertising make sure your message is clear to the consumer and have a way to capture those visitors!

Don’t forget if you are looking to add social media into your business plan or do not know where to start, we offer several classes as well as one on one training for all of our agents with our very own Technology Coach / Trainer, Heather Holliday!

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