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How much do you pay your Brokerage?

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How much do you pay your Brokerage?

Brokerage Fees are an Investment to Your Real Estate Business.

When we meet with agents, one of our first questions is “How much are you currently paying your Broker”? Is is amazing how many agents have no idea how much they are investing into their current Brokerage with their real estate career. We have met some agents who do the math and realize they are paying their Broker $80k per year to be in business with their Broker! {gasp}

Think about it, if you sell $5 million in real estate per year and collect 3% commission, that is $150k Gross Commission Income (GCI) in your pocket. If you are on a 70% commission split, you are paying your Broker $45,000 per year or an average of $3,700 per month, leaving you with only $105,000 at the end of the year. Most agents don’t notice this amount since the split is taken before they see their check. If you are with a franchise (other than RE/MAX), your Franchise fee may come out of your portion as well leaving you paying even more of an investment to your business every year.

At RE/MAX Elite, doing the same $5 million, you could have put $138,000 in your pocket giving you an extra $33,000!  That is because at RE/MAX Elite we have a cap on how much you will pay into our Brokerage. Some plans will have you investing only $12k per year. Plus, our plans are completely transparent and you will be able to send your accountant this investment statement so it is a write – off come tax time! { we love our write-offs}  Our most expensive investment plan caps out at $14,400 which still leaves you with more money to invest into your business or possibly that family vacation you have been wanting to take!  What would you do with your raise? 


If you would like a direct comparison to what you are currently paying versus what you could be paying at RE/MAX Elite, contact us for a confidential meeting!


Justin Brown, Broker | Owner | Real Estate Jedi



Susan Lewis, Business Development Coach | VP of Operations



Heather Holliday, Technology Coach | VP of Marketing 





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