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Is your Online Presence where is needs to be?

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Is your Online Presence where is needs to be?

Is your online presence where you want it to be?

Google yourself + real estate!  What shows up first?  Hopefully not a profile which has a shadow picture!  Make sure that your online profiles are complete and have a professional profile picture!  I get 50 requests per week into our RE/MAX Referral Network each week and maybe 70% of the requests make it in because I do not see anything RE/MAX or real estate related on their personal profile, they are “secret agents”.

What are you doing now?  What are you currently doing now for your online business?  Website presence, blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Zillow, Trulia, Instagram, marketing-1013tm-pic-2297Pinterest… the list goes on and on.  What are you doing to be consistent online?

What is currently working?  Are you tracking prospects, leads, conversions, relationships?

Who is your target audience?  You need to be present where your ideal target audience is.  If you are going after the Millennials, you may be better off working Instagram than you would on LinkedIn..  Instead of trying to be EVERYWHERE horribly, focus your energy on where your ideal client would be and be consistently awesome!

Stop thinking like an agent!  Maybe you see agents posting there listings 5 times a day…  don’t do it.  You and other agents are the only ones who are seeing it because that is NOT being social and you will not create relationships online this way.  Stop the hard sell approach and give value to your online social game!  It will create engageable and shareable content which will get you father in the long run.  Also, where is the public going to check agents out?  What do they find when they search for you?  You want to make sure that a potential seller can find your listings quickly or that a potential buyer can see the homes you have sole or your reviews/ testimonials.

Establish set goals, execution details and timelines.  Use a program that will allow you to schedule great content throughout the week, while you can also post live, this will be great filler content (events, neighborhood info, your blogs, quotes, etc).  Have a content calendar to help you with your ideas.

Don’t try to accomplish everything at once. If you try to go from 0 platforms to 10 platforms you probably won’t even last a week.  Figure out the best platform that matches your business style as well as you business and master it, then move on to the next platform.  This will help prevent you from being overwhelmed and quitting altogether.

Some helpful resources to get your started;

Brandyourself.com – Allows you to enter your name and it will give you a rating.  Best part about this program is that it will go over your profiles and give you great tips on how to enhance them more effectively for maximum search engine optimization (SEO).

Katielance.com – If you are looking to get social, check out Katies content calendar with great tips and ideas for your social game.  Her blog and webinar is also awesome so be sure to sign up.

Google Analytics – This is free and absolutely necessary if you have your own website!  This will give you demographics for all aspects of your website traffic as well as what social media traffic is working best for you.  *You might be surprised at the results)!

RE/MAX Play – This great facebook group is all about videos!  If you are looking to take advantage of video, you will want to be in this group!

Facebook Covers – You will want to be professional so be sure to check out our facebook covers!


Of course I am here to help you along the way!!

Heather Holliday, Your Technology Coach & Social Marketing Nut!



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