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Storage Wars: “The Battle of the Bulk”

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Storage Wars: “The Battle of the Bulk”

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“Storage Wars”. If you haven’t watched it, you’ve probably heard of it – another of Hollywood’s zany “reality” TV shows (which are usually far from any resemblance to reality). The premise of the show revolves around the contents of delinquent storage units being sold off to “treasure hunters” who are only allowed to view the contents from outside the unit for five minutes before bidding against one another < insert drama here> for the privilege of owning someone else’s abandoned stuff.

Now, let me direct you back to real life – in which, if you’re an average American homeowner, you’ll likely at some point have the need to store some of your precious belongings (also referred to as “stuff”).

The two primary choices potential storage clients have to consider are with professional moving companies who provide storage or with a self-storage facility. Of course, there are other hybrid types of solutions – ranging from storage pods to Cousin Joe’s barn (but we’ll leave those to the creators of reality TV to address). The choice between the two is most often directed by an individual’s circumstances.

For instance, the majority of the moving industry’s storage business is what is referred to as “storage in transit” (SIT). As the name implies, this type of storage is for goods that are normally “going somewhere else” – hence, in transit. Most commonly, SIT is a temporary resting place for people’s belongings (stuff) to remain safe and secure until a final destination becomes available. This also means that goods placed in SIT would be loaded at the residence by professional movers and would not be accessible by the owner during the storage period (don’t store important documents needed in the interim or little Billy’s favorite stuffed animal). The mover would also be responsible for delivering the storage contents to the customer’s new residence.

Mover’s storage warehouses are typically stacked floor-to-ceiling with wooden storage containers that hold roughly a room of furniture each and are professionally loaded, sealed and easily moved about the facility by forklifts. Military-approved facilities like Brand Transfer & Storage will also be subject to random inspections by the DOD to insure their high standards of quality, safety and security are met.

Although they too can be used for short-term situations, self-storage companies provide a more viable alternative when the storage need is long-term or if the client wants to have access to the storage goods. Units vary in size anywhere from a closet to a 3-car garage or larger. Many self-storage customers will utilize this space for the overflow from their homes and garages. Most are protected by high-tech security systems, but still allow clients access when needed.

With the busy summer moving season in the not-too-distant future, both professional moving companies as well as local self-storage facilities are standing ready to assure your storage needs become a reality – without having to go to war over it!


Tom Hall

Moving Consultant

Brand Transfer & Storage Company


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