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What to do when your Listing receives a contract?

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What to do when your Listing receives a contract?

appFiles Tip of the Week  6/24/16


This of your appFile as a file folder.  Anytime you receive a new contract, addendum, etc. it must be turned into the Broker for review.  With appFiles, turning in paperwork for review (and compliance) is as easy as changing the “file type” to Broker/Admin, once they review, they will put it back into the correct file type.  Either way, you will have access to your paperwork at all times!

When a new listing is created it is placed in “Agent workspace” while paperwork is collected.  When agent is ready to turn the paperwork in to the office agent will click on the address and “Change File Type/Name” and place it in “Broker/Admin Inbox” area.  At that point Stephanie will review the file and pass it on to Lisi.  Lisi will do her thing and place it in either “Closed Files” or Current Files”  Any time additional paperwork is added to a file, agent will need to “Change File Type” back to the “Broker/Admin Inbox” for review of new document.

Agent Workspace=Agent gathering paperwork=====Agent only

Broker/Admin Inbox=Agent turned in paperwork for review=====Admin only

Lisi’s World=Processing file======Admin only

Current Files=Awaiting contract/closing=====Agent only

Once a file has been reviewed or processed that document will be locked.  If your document has not been locked then it is possible that file was not moved to back to the Broker/Admin Inbox.  Please contact Lisi, Stephanie or Heather if you have any questions.


Here is a video to change over your file types to the Broker


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