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Six Sales Skills

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Six Sales Skills

Monday Morning Wake Up Call:

Your Motivation, Inspiration, & Direction for the Week Ahead.

Seven Sales Skills

Good morning! Hope you had a terrific weekend. Quick question: Did you have an opportunity to purchase something from a salesperson this past week? If so, how was the experience? According to Dan Ross with Salesforce, there are Seven Sales Skills that cannot be taught. They are part of who we are. These skills determine what a consumer’s experience will be and the overall success of that salesperson. Those skills are:

  1. Curiosity: Sales people who are curious, are always looking for solutions, better ways to meet the needs or their client and stay on top of the latest and best training and tools.
  2. Integrity: They get it done but they get it done the right way.
  3. Drive: They challenge themselves to do more.
  4. Problem Solving: There are always obstacles in sales that you can’t train, or prepare for. Problem solvers isolate each situation and find or create a solution. Problem solvers find energy, not frustration, in this part of the job.
  5. Resiliency: Stuff happens. There are lots of ups and downs, and lots of rejection in sales. You can be 100% sure the buyer is going to buy, then they don’t. You can offer superior service and better results, and have a potential client chose someone else. Those who are the most resilient bounce back the fastest, learn from their mistakes and grow from challenges.
  6. Self Awareness: Salespeople who are self aware can quickly identify where they need to improve and go straight to the prescription. They are more deliberate with success and know how to repeat it.

Take a look around. Do the highly successful salespeople that you know possess these traits?

How many of these “natural” traits to you possess?

Have an amazing week!

Something to Think About

The study assumes that you have these traits, or you do not. And if you don’t have these traits, there is nothing that you can do to change that. Do you believe that to be true? Perhaps it’s just the problem solver in me, but I think we can all do or be anything we choose, within reason. For example, perhaps you are not as resilient as you would like, but once you become aware of it, you have a change to work on that trait, or skill. What are your thoughts?

Weekly Challenge:

This should be your busiest time of the year. If not, ask yourself, “Are you marketing to your client base? Are you asking for referrals? Are you hunting for business?” Spend this week asking and hunting for more business. You should pick up several new clients.

Words of Wisdom

Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect. -W. Clement Stone

In business, you’re the Chief Salesman. Create a sense of demand, rather than waiting to have demand. – Barbara Corcoran

Your competition is EVERYTHING else your prospect could conceivably spend their money on. – Don Cooper

Your business is never really good or bad ‘out there.’ Your business is either good or bad right between your own two ears. – Zig Ziglar

The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail. – Napoleon Hill

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