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Is the seller obligated to respond to an offer?

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Is the seller obligated to respond to an offer?

Is the seller obligated to respond to an offer?

QUESTION: I have a listing that was only on the market a couple of days when three offers came in from three buyers. The seller accepted one of the offers. Now, the broker who represents the buyer whose offer arrived first claims my seller had an obligation to negotiate with his buyer because his offer was presented to the seller first. Is this true?

No. There is no Florida law that would require the seller to respond to any offer. Additionally, there is no Florida law that requires the seller to negotiate with each buyer in the order in which the offers were received. Furthermore, there is no Florida Law that would require the seller to respond to the buyer in the time frame that is indicated on line 45 of the FAR/BAR AS IS Contract for Sale and Purchase.  That is a protection for the buyer.  If the seller responds after that deadline and accepts the contract as it is written, but the buyer has changed their mind the buyer doe not have to move forward with the offer.

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