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RealGeeks Custom URL for Agents

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RealGeeks Custom URL for Agents

RealGeeks Custom URL for Agents with Heather Holliday, RE/MAX Elite – Technology & Marketing Coach! In today’s episode we cover how to change the url on our website to add your agent code and direct leads directly to you! Property Listings, Home Value Page and custom searches! We also cover your custom agent landing pages via our Real Geeks website! Generate your own listing leads from our website!  Using these formula’s will put the lead directly into your lead dashboard! TIPS: I personally use Chrome incognito when building the linksFor long URL’s, use bit.ly or the re.max url shortner and then edit to customize!

Get with Heather or Linda to get your agent code!

(View Samples of pages Below)

For agents to use to get their own leads from brevardelite.com

Property Landing Page on website:


Creates a beautiful landing page with forced registration (MAX leads)

Listing on website:


(Allows regular property page view but when a lead is created it is attached to you)

CMA Page for Agent:


Any CUSTOM Map search from website:

Do search and add &agent_id=123 at the end of LONG url

Real geeks help & support


Here are a few examples:

  1. http://demo.realgeeks.com/?agent_id=123 – Homepage
  1. http://demo.realgeeks.com/property/185229/?agent_id=123 – Property page
  1. http://demo.realgeeks.com/property/185229/?agent_id=123&view – Property page with agent ID and property landing page lead capture
  2. http://demo.realgeeks.com/search/results/?island=Oahu&agent_id=123 – search results with agent ID

How to test to make sure it’s working

Leads actually have to land on the page with the agent_id. We use cookies to track this. So the best way to test is to open an incognito window and go directly to the URL that you made. Then you can make sure that the lead is going to the correct agent in your lead manager.


Heather will create this for you!  Here are some examples!








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