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I have lots of great reasons to love working at RE/MAX Elite. I actually use these reasons as part of my listing presentation.
1. I joined Elite over 11 years ago when it was in its infancy. Justin Brown convinced me this make a great new home for me after several years at a different office. He was so right. I made a heck of a lot more money, which is sweet, (great splits etc) but the way Justin runs our office has come to mean so much to me. He is extremely tech-savvy which has resulted in our office always having the very latest programs. Therefore Elite agents are able to work smarter, not harder. He has had an answer for all my questions, and has returned every call I have ever made to him. He is easy-going and makes the office an easy-going place too. He is a non-compete broker, something almost unheard of in this business. Our office is transparent. Our agents have access to the list of agents receiving referrals etc. No surprises. He is also very generous. I received a long weekend in the Bahamas as a 10 year anniversary gift form him. We have great parties and lots of get-togethers. All around a very nice place to work  without drama and few  problems.
2. Soon after I joined Elite, Justin hired Heather Holiday. Heather’s outstanding reputation a s a Social Media guru is not limited to Brevard County. She has been recognized by RE/MAX International for her social media prowess, and has been invited to speak at the RE/MAX National Convention.  I can only grasp a small percentage of everything she has to offer–from using Facebook to advertise to Instagram videos and so much more. She is singularly unique when it comes to marketing and has probably sold more houses for our agents that she will ever receive credit for. This is definitely her forte. Heather plays other roles in our office as well. She is a big cheerleader for Children’s Miracle Network and participates in every fundraiser and social get-together. You might even see her at the front desk answering the phones if the Branch Manager is not available. I am sure her wardrobe consists mainly of RE/MAX red, white and blue, because she has a RE/MAX balloon where most people have hearts.
3. A few months after I joined Elite, Kerry Ramage came on board. At that time, she was a seasoned agent and broker associate, not only here in Florida but in Connecticut too. We became officemates and fast friends. I came to depend on Kerry’s knowledge for everything real estate. Her experience on many of the SCAR committees and board have broadened her knowledge that has been so helpful to me, especially her real estate legal knowledge. Over the years she has helped me immensely and prevented me from making mistakes. I wasn’t the only agent who came to rely on her help; our other officemates did as well. The next thing I knew, agents form all over the office were coming to Kerry for advice. Justin noticed too, and made her our managing broker.
She is unique among brokers in her position, even among bosses in her position. She can answer your every question. Yes, her experience contributes to this—tons of closings every year, committee positions, etc but also her level of intelligence is impressive. And what I said about being able to answer every question? Now agents from other offices have called her with their questions too.
No doubt having Kerry as managing broker has helped all of our agents.
4. One more amazing asset our office has is Lisi Ross, our bookkeeper. In all these years I have never seen Lisi make a mistake. I wish I was that good. But she isn’t just our bookkeeper. She is an amazing computer geek too. I can not imaging working in the office without her help. She is also the coordinator of everything–like calling the AC guy or IT guy if we have a problem. She is another go-to person in our office.

The great Heather Holliday saw something in me that I literally only pondered on and made me run with it.  I would have never thought I would be doing what I am now. Making videos on YouTube – Branding myself on Instagram – getting leads from Facebook! So guys the point being, Don’t quit! Keep working towards your goal and I am so lucky to have found a Brokerage that pushes me to be better than I was yesterday.

Justin’s enthusiasm, professionalism and genuinely caring attitude towards others makes him the complete person and chosen professional that sets the true example and sets him apart from others.

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