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Kickball Kickoff 2017 Elite vs Prestige

We had a blast yesterday with our RE/MAX Elite Family & Prestige Title of Brevard.  We were able to defend our Title as Kickball Champs too!

Thank you everyone who came out to play and cheer and we look forward to next year!!! #kickballkickoff #teamelite #remaxhustle



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October 2017 Top RE/MAX Elite Rockstars

October 2017 Top RE/MAX Elite Rockstars

#AboveTheCrowd #REMAXhustle #remaxelitefl #EliteAgents #weareELITE #weareREMAX #eliterocks


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RE/MAX Tech Training Dec 6

Join us Dec 6th in Maitland! We will have a group and carpool over!


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4 Steps to Staying Safe… Realtor Edition

You have heard the reports on the news or the stories in the industry but you haven’t used safety precautions yourself. Are you afraid to lose business by asking the questions or putting your safety first? Nothing is more important than you and your safety and some of these techniques could boost your business when customers know how seriously you take your job and your safety.

Getting to know your customer

Choose a public place to meet a new client for the first time. The best location is the office, that gives you a chance to photocopy their ID if you so desire. It also gives you the opportunity to review expectations from both sides, theirs of you and yours of them. IF a buyer insists on meeting you for the first time at a vacant house, you shouldn’t be meeting them at all.

Trust Your Gut 

If your gut tells you something is wrong, it probably is. If you arrive before the home buyer, and you don’t really know them yet, park in the street so you don’t get blocked in. Never meet someone in the dark unless you know them. Tag team with someone at your office and let each other know where you are meeting people if it someone you are working with for the first time. Conveniently be on the phone when the client arrives so they know someone is aware of where you are. Politely tell the person on the phone my customer for the house on —– just arrived I will speak to you when I am done.

Buddy System

Have a buddy with you during Open Houses. Open Houses can be very busy these days, having another agent there or an assistant can help you out in more ways than one.

Self Defense Moves

Take a self defense course. From NAR”s 2016 Member Safety Report 40 percent of REALTORS have taken a self defense course and 73% feel safer after taking one. Install a safety app on your smart phone to track your whereabouts and alert colleagues in case of an emergency.


For further information about ways to increase your on-the-job safety, check out Beverly Carter Foundation, www.beverlycarterfoundation.org and the NAR-sponsored Safety Matters course nar.realtor/topics/realtor-safety.

Check out our Realtor Safety Guide too!

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Q3 Market Share – Brevard County

Check out Brevard County Market Share for January 1, 2017 – September 30, 2017!

RE/MAX Elite is the #1 Real Estate Company in Brevard!

This was made possible by having some of the most dedicated Realtors on the Space Coast consistently delivering extraordinary results for our Elite Nation Fans! This past year has been another amazing ride for us that has been full of excitement. With our support personnel, lead generating systems, tools, technology coaching, business/accountability mentoring and so much more that is helping take our agents real estate careers to the MAX!  We added an additional support role, Managing Broker, Kerry Ramage and the merger with RE/MAX Olympic we were able to add our 5th location in Brevard County.

Our team is led by Justin Brown aka “JB” who is a Billion Dollar Broker that is homegrown with over 20 years of experience selling in Brevard.  JB is constantly in research & development mode analyzing new products and services that will keep our Elite family on the cutting edge. We have gained priceless wisdom through the years that has fueled our success today, which will continue to inspire us to achieve greatness tomorrow.



RE/MAX Elite Agents, Download the PDF’s in appFiles or Backagent!


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Brian Buffini’s Bold Predictions for 2018 – Dec 5 2017

Brian Buffini’s Bold Predictions

What’s Ahead & How to Win in 2018

Brian’s going to share:

  • Market forces at play for the New Year
  • How to foolproof your business against industry disrupters
  • Where your best leads will come from
  • How to capitalize on current trends to supercharge your business


Tuesday, Dec. 5th 2017 noon (EST)

Meet the Expert: Brian Buffini

Brian Buffini was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and immigrated to San Diego in 1986 where he became the classic American rags to riches story. After becoming one of the nation’s top Realtors, he founded Buffini & Company – an organization dedicated to sharing his powerful lead-generation systems with others. Today, Brian is the New York Times best-selling author of “The Emigrant Edge” and host of “The Brian Buffini Show” podcast.

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How can I get more Feedback on my listings?


One of the biggest frustrations these days is not getting feedback from agents that show your listings, especially when your seller is expecting it. Personally, I send an email, if I don’t get a response I also call and text, sometimes to no avail. Conversely, when you show a home are you providing feedback? If not why aren’t you? Do you expect it on your listings?

So, what can you as the list agent do differently to make it easier? Here are a few of the ways we’ve seen agents succeed:

Well, the first thing is make it as easy as possible for an agent to schedule a showing. Additionally explain this to your seller, the easier the home is to show the more likely an agent is to show it.
Remember, the agent most likely showed several homes and may have them confused, so make sure you include a picture of the home in the feedback request, the showing agent is more likely to remember the home if they see a photo.

Ask for the feedback right away, keep the form short and ask for answers that you will use, maybe the generic feedback form isn’t right for you or your listing.

Click here to download the Top 5 Steps to More Showings & Feedback from Showing Time!

Managing Broker / President of Operations



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Bunco 4 Babes Fundraiser

Thank you everyone who came out to our Bunco 4 Babes event to raise $$ for the Cancer Care Center of Brevard!
We had a great time for a great cause!

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September 2017 Top RE/MAX Elite Rockstars

Way to Keep Rocking!  Keep up the Momentum!!

#AboveTheCrowd #REMAXhustle #remaxelitefl #EliteAgents #weareELITE #weareREMAX #eliterocks

September – Overall

September – Month To Date


Year-to-Date January – September 2017






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Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Broker Buzz: What is (BEC)?

This may be a new phrase and acronym to some and many of you may have already heard it.  Business Email Compromise goes hand in hand with the Buzz Topic we have been hearing a lot about Cyber Fraud, Wire Fraud, Cyber Security.

This is when a Realtor, a Buyer , A seller or any party to a real estate transactions email has been hacked and then the buyer is given false wiring information.  If you missed the seminar hosted by Prestige Title on 09/27/2017 where the local FBI came to speak you missed a lot of great information.

Since January 2015 there has been a 2400% (yes I did just say 2400%) increase in the US.  $113,719 is the average amount of a loss.  To put into perspective, in 2016 REPORTED credit card fraud in the US amounted to $45k and REPORTED BEC fraud amounted to $400k+

There are two parts to this type of crime and therefore 2 parts are investigated.

1. is the Cyber or the Hacking and that is investigated by the FBI’s Cyber division.

2. What happens to the $.  That is the white collar part and is investigated by the FBI’s white collar crimes division.

The white collar crimes goal is to get the money back.  However, due to high volume of incidents they only investigate incidents of $50k or more.

What does the FBI want you to do if this happens to one of your customers?

1.  Call the bank that the money was wired from

2.  Call the FBI, white collar crimes division, Our two local contacts are:  SSA Andrew Sekela 813-253-1001 asekela@fbi.gov and SSA James Rothe 321-757-6075 jrothe@fbi.gov

3. File a complaint with IC3 at www.IC3.gov

They want you to do all 3 of these steps even if it is under $50k so they can keep track of it.

Please see additional information tips from Prestige Title:





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