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Q3 2019 – Brevard County Market Share by City

When you are thinking of buying or selling in Brevard there is no denying who the consumer trusts. Check out the Qtr 3 2019 Market Share.

RE/MAX – The Real Estate Leaders of Brevard 🎈

Other cities….

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4 Ways to Amplify Your Personal Brand

Being yourself is one way to standout from others as you build your personal brand.
Here are four other tips you can use to amplify who you are in your market.

Have a focus.

Know your target audience and tell your story consistently. Don’t try to be all things to all people. 

Act natural.

People appreciate authenticity. 

Do your homework.

Find a mentor or look at other influential people when building your personal brand. 

Live it.

Don’t lose your personal brand when you’re not working with clients or in a listing presentation. You have to live your personal brand every day and everywhere you go.

Looking for more tips? Let us help you take your career to the MAX!

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5 Ways to Consistently Build Your Business

Consistently building success takes commitment and systems, here are five ways you can begin…

Identify your passion – then go for it!

Whatever it is, pursue your passion and share it with others. People love to connect with passionate people and in the end your clients will want to engage with the genuine you.

Commit to the profession.

Prepare yourself financially so you can commit to be a full-time agent.

Set actionable goals.

“Make more money” is not a specific goal. Paying off debt, buying a new car or saving for retirement are actionable goals that you can build strategies around. Start by charting a path for yourself with each of the steps to take to achieve your goal.

Become an expert.

Study and immerse yourself in the specifics of your market. What type of housing is being built or sold, where are buyers coming from and what are the community demographics? Having these insights will help you become a resource for others and help with clients and prospects.

Avoid the ups and downs.

Work on your business as well as in your business. Prospecting is an activity that there should always be time for.

If you are looking to put a business plan together that includes all of the above, get with Kerry and let’s rock your plan!

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5 Reasons a Buyer Might Choose You

Would you hire you? Here are 5 ways to build trust and rapport with buyers…

Make sure you serve the client not the transaction. Do your best to represent your client and negotiate aggressively on their behalf to secure the best terms. Make sure you take the time to explain all their options, so they know you have their best interest in mind.

Go beyond the purchase and offer to help with all things house related. The key is to become a resource for questions on the needs associated with owning a home. The more value you add the better the chances they will think of you first.

Create a plan and include them in it. Let them know what to expect by going over an action plan. To get started have your clients fill out a questionnaire and then review it with them. You can even give them a checklist that explains the specific steps in the process.

Represent their needs when you are showing properties. They should count on you to find the house that fits their needs.

Make sure you are there long after the closing. Keep the support flowing so you can continue to be top-of-mind when they are speaking with others about how great you are.

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RE/MAX vs. The Industry 2019

Choose the brand with productive agents, leading brand awareness and extraordinary global presence. Choose RE/MAX.


Choose the brand with productive agents, leading brand awareness and extraordinary global presence. Choose RE/MAX

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New Luxury Email Drip Campaign Now Available!

An easy way to stay top of mind with your clients.

Promoting your luxury business and connecting with affluent clients is now easier than ever. A series of customizable emails, branded specifically with The RE/MAX Collection, give your email drip campaigns a highly stylized look and feel with minimal effort and time required.

“This new drip campaign is a direct result of feedback we’ve received from luxury agents,” says Anne Miller, Vice President of Luxury and Commercial. “Agents can now easily create and send highly impactful and wonderfully designed emails with The RE/MAX Collection branding behind them.”

Accessible through the RE/MAX Design center, the drip campaign features six email templates. Three of the templates offer fully customizable messaging, and the others come with pre-loaded text that you can adjust according to your wants and needs.

Simply adjust the text accordingly, insert a featured photo, upload a contact list and set the timing of email delivery (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly). Then sit back and know that your automatic drip campaign will keep you at the top of your clients’ minds for weeks and months to come.

“Luxury homebuyers and sellers demand personalized attention and service, and this automation tool provides agents with a powerful resource to connect with them on a personal level,” Miller says.

Create a campaign in simple steps:

  • Choose a professional, branded template. Options are available for both pre-crafted, and fully customizable messaging.
  • Upload your photos, fill-in your text, designate your contact list
  • Set a timeframe for delivery
  • Sit back as automation takes over and carries out your email campaign

Find the new tool in  Design Center via MAX/Center.

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5 Ways to Revive a Stale Listing

You haven’t had a showing in weeks and you don’t know why? Here is a quick checklist for your listing… and some ideas on getting more eyeballs, showing appointments and of course an offer on that property!


Price… That is always the number 1 go to whenever a listing isn’t being shown… The market is constantly changing so redo those comps and see if anything new has hit the market, sold or gone under contract. Make sure to truly compare other active and contingent properties to your listing as if you were a buyer. Compare price per sq ft, upgrades, curb appeal, and everything else about a property to see why a buyer would chose yours over the other active properties in the area.


Did you use professional photos? What do your photos look like? My biggest pet peeve is non – professional photos, all of my agents knows this. To me, not only is this crucial for displaying your listing in the best possible way, it is also representing you and the way you do business! As a buyer choosing an agent I know that I would be checking out any agent I am considering by checking out how they are marketing their other listings (regardless of price)! Your listings are representing you, your business as well as any listings you have. Make sure you are showcasing your listing in the absolute best way and using a professional photographer who knows the way to capture this is my #2 (Pretty close to #1)


Make sure you are looking at the Feedback from other agents and buyers about the property and discussing this with your Sellers. More often then not we are looking at our listings from a REALTOR view versus a Buyers view and this feedback is crucial for the sale of your listing. Whether it is pricing, smell, paint, curb appeal, layout, clutter, etc. Make sure to address the small things that you can improve with little to no money.


What are you doing as far as marketing? Yes, your listing goes into the MLS which will feed the listing everywhere. However, you have many other opportunities that are free or advertising at a minimal cost! For example, at RE/MAX Elite you could take advantage of the marketing material that gets emailed to you automatically (property website, flyers, postcards, social posts, youtube video, adwerx FREE web&social ads) as well as property landing pages you can use for Facebook Advertising and we also have several agents always looking to advertise your listing for you! If you want some help with advertising and marketing your listing, contact Heather and she will send out an email to our lead team and they will advertise your listing to try and bring you a buyer! Win Win!!! Don’t forget we have a Listing Checklist, check that out as well for some marketing ideas!


If all of the above is great and the listing is still stale OR you have made improvements to the home and need to get the Agents / Buyers back in for another look, consider doing an Open House or a Broker Open! Partner up with a Lender and / or Title Company to help you with the cost of food, games and marketing to reach the maximum amount of people! Make sure to get feedback from everyone who attends! Check out our Open House Checklist, make it a MEGA Open House by inviting the neighbors over for an exclusive sneak peek! Even better, knock on the doors with a flyer to the neighbors to invite them!

Overall, make sure to look at every aspect of your listing from a Buyers perspective to analyze why you are not getting showings! Some items will be a quick fix but some things like location, curb appeal, uniqueness, repairs, etc of course will make the property harder to sell because you will be looking for a very specific buyer.. but hey, you may be able to target that ideal buyer with a facebook ad! If you are looking for more information, guidance or help, set up your appointment with Heather today!

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2018 Market Share in Brevard

RE/MAX Elite is the #1 Real Estate Company in Brevard!

The Real Estate Leaders of Brevard!!!  This was made possible by having some of the most dedicated Realtors on the Space Coast consistently delivering extraordinary results for our Elite Nation Fans! With our support personnel, lead generating systems, tools, technology coaching, business/accountability mentoring we will continue to inspire to achieve greatness tomorrow.
#weareELITE #remaxROCKS #remaxhustle #sellyeah

“In any operation, join up with the best. You will gain from the strengths from those around you”- Warren Buffett

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2018 RE/MAX Achievement Awards

Congratulations to all of our award winners for 2018.

We are so very proud of your accomplishments and your dedication to your clients.

Thank you for a superb 2018 and looking forward to an even better 2019 !

WOW WOW WOW!! 65 Agents & 11 Teams earned RE/MAX Achievement awards for 2018! We absolutely love watching each agent grow every year and achieve their dreams! Congratulations to everyone! We are so proud of you! Here are our Individual Agents.




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Create a Custom Video in Seconds!

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RE/MAX unveils custom video tool as part of 2019 National Ad Campaign

Creating engaging video content requires a significant amount of time and money – two things that can be in short supply when building a successful real estate business. In an industry first, RE/MAX solves this problem with a new custom video tool that gives RE/MAX agents a powerful edge in their marketing.

With a few clicks, personalized :15 video spots are ready to view (and share) in seconds. Each video has the same look and feel as the 2019 National Ad Campaign. Both the campaign and the custom video tool launch January 14.    

“Agents shouldn’t also have to be marketing experts,” says James Schwartz, Marketing Director for RE/MAX. “We’re creating resources where agents can create content quickly so they can focus on what they do best – helping homebuyers and sellers.”

Here’s how it works: Agents visit remaxhustle.com to customize videos with their headshot, contact information and choice of three “tools” they want to highlight (options include 3-D home tours, e-signatures, marketing savvy and more). All these variations add up to over 5,000 possible combinations.  

Once created, the videos can be instantly shared on social media or downloaded directly. It’s that quick and simple to create engaging content for agent websites, email campaigns, and more.

The custom video tool demonstrates an innovative approach to marketing that Schwartz says agents won’t find at other real estate brands. It’s a major benefit of being with the brand with leading awareness[1] and agent productivity[2].

“RE/MAX is in a position of strength, particularly when it comes to brand power.” says Schwartz. “While competitors are spending money just to get their name out there, we’re able to invest in new marketing tools for our agents and help them grow their business.”

The 2019 campaign marks the fourth year of collaboration between RE/MAX and award-winning agency Camp + King. After surveying more than 1,500 consumers, the agency found that experience, knowledge and use of technology tools were significant deciding factors when hiring an agent.

“Tech is an expectation at this point,” Schwartz says. “This campaign shows how RE/MAX agents combine technology and modern tools with their vast experience to get great results for their clients. Each video reflects our strength as a brand, which is founded in the professionalism and knowledge of our agents.”

Keep an eye out for an email from your region on January 11 with more exciting details about the 2019 National Ad Campaign.

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