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4 Things we will never hear our agents say

4 Things we will never hear our agents say…

I’ve never heard of your company.

RE/MAX Elite is the #1 Company in Brevard in Sales Volume, and has been the #1 RE/MAX since 2009.  Take a peek at the current Market Share Charts in Brevard County!

That Training costs $800?

RE/MAX Elite is 100% committed to our agents success and office FREE Business Coaching / Accountability along with FREE Technology and Marketing Training!  We also have weekly training and mastermind events for our agents.  This only compliments the thousands of FREE videos available on RE/MAX University!

This is all we have?

Here at RE/MAX Elite we know that not all agents are alike so we offer a variety of resources that are at our agents fingertips.  We know that they will not use them all but we have a full support staff willing and able to guide them on all aspects of their business and our many resources!

You should recruit more.

At RE/MAX Elite we are always looking for dynamic agents looking to grow their business!  We are never about quantity of agents, we are about the quality of agents!  If you are considering a change or would like to hear more about what our office can offer you, please feel free to contact us for a confidential meeting.








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Be Where Your Customers Are

If you run a company and want to reach out to your clients, you need to do some legwork. Gone are the day of building a website and watching leads roll in all the time. Yes, if you are wise, you will follow these four tips to be where your customers are.

Define your audience:

Without a doubt, if you want to do well with social media, you need to know your audience. Are they older people or younger or somewhere in between? Do people who want your product live at home or are thy single moms? By knowing this, you can use the right social media marketing guidelines to find your clients.

Multiple outlets:

If you think you can have one social media account and call it a day, you are mistaken. In fact, to get to the client’s heart, you need to have four or five social media accounts, including one at Facebook and twitter, to get started.

Research your followers:

Now, if you have the time and resources, you should research your followers and see where they go and where they come from. By checking out the Web, you can get to the bottom of the issue and come up with a wise and sound public relations strategy.

Use communication to your advantage:

Mass communication, simply put, will allow you to talk to your followers all at once. In the long run, this will allow you to run your social network with ease and without any trouble.

With these four customer service tips, you are going to have an easier time when you want to convert your potential clients into ones who stick around for the long haul. Otherwise, if you are not wise and take your own approach, you will struggle mightily when you want to find clients.

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Choose Your Image Wisely

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When customers visit your website, the first thing they’re drawn to is imagery, not text. On social media, posts get much more attention when they’re accompanied by interesting graphics. This is why it’s so important to choose the right images for your website, social networks, and other mass communications.

  1. Images should be professional. That doesn’t necessarily mean buttoned up – if you have a lifestyle website, for example, you certainly don’t want to use stuffy images. Images should always be high quality, though.
  1. Images should stay in-line with your brand. If you sell writing services and you often post photos of the writing process and your home office, don’t all of a sudden throw in shots of your dog or hanging out at a bar with friends. Social media marketing is social, yes, but it shouldn’t be off message.
  1. Instead of using stock images, hire a photographer to shoot for you. If you’re good at planning, you’ll know in advance what imagery you’ll need and you can send the photographer a shot list.
  1. Build a lifestyle around your brand using images. Let’s say you sell jewelry – you don’t only need shots of the jewelry, but also images of people wearing the jewelry and the lifestyle that your ideal customers lead.
  1. Avoid offensive images. One of the most important customer service tips to learn is to never offend your audience!
  1. Only use legal images. Don’t pull images off of other websites if you don’t have permission. When searching online, make sure to find “Creative Commons” images.

Whatever images you choose, make sure that you’re always appealing to the customer. Your business’ imagery is a public relations matter and your audience should always be your first priority.

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Two Surveys, One Productivity Leader

Two Surveys, One Productivity Leader

The 2016 REAL Trends 500 survey and RISMedia Power Broker Report support the same conclusion: On average, RE/MAX agents at large brokerages close twice as many transaction sides as other agents.


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#1 Yeah Baby

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RE/MAX Elite has once again moved into the #1 spot for real estate companies in Brevard!

This was made possible by having some of the most dedicated Realtors on the Space Coast consistently delivering extraordinary results for our Elite Nation Fans!  This past year has been another amazing ride for us that has been full of excitement.  We’ve added new support personnel, lead generating systems, tools, technology coaching, business/accountability mentoring and so much more that is coming down the pipeline.  Our team is led by Justin Brown aka “JB” who is a Billion Dollar Broker that is homegrown with over 18 years of experience selling in Brevard.  JB is constantly in research & development mode analyzing new products and services that will keep our Elite family on the cutting edge.  We have gained priceless wisdom through the years that has fueled our success today, which will continue to inspire us to achieve greatness tomorrow.






Download Pie Chart PDF    |  DOWNLOAD #1 FRANCHISE CHART  |   Download RE/MAX Chart PDF

These are alos in Paperless Pipeline!


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Introducing the Elite Agent Hub!

We are super excited to announce the Elite Agent Hub! 

This is our agents one stop shop for Marketing assistance and resources to help them with their business!

We know our agents are super busy selling real estate so we wanted to give them an option to get the day to day marketing tasks done so they can focus on what the do best.  Of course we also offer one-on-one training for those agents who are hands on!

By going to the Elite Agent Hub, our agents are able to quickly order their listing flyers, just listed or just sold postcards as well as web ads!  Once they fill out this form our marketing team will get their design together and email them their design and get their mailing order out for delivery based on the location and quantity that our agents specify on the order form!

Our HUB offers;

  • Listing Flyers Designs
  • Just Listed Postcards Designs (with option of mailing services)
  • Just Sold Postcard Designs (with option of mailing services)
  • Web Ads, perfect for emailing new listings or posting to social and running facebook ads.
  • Facebook Covers for their social needs
  • Social Media Posts already designed and ready to go, branded with RE/MAX Elite and/or #therighthome
  • RE/MAX, LLC Social Media Marketing as well as 2016 stats that they can use for their social media or listing presentations
  • Our Luxury Division Resource Center for Social Marketing as well as Listing Presentations
  • Agent Resource Center which includes our Staff information and great links to other resources they might find helpful, this includes a link to our transparent Live Lead rotation form.

Check it out at: EliteAgentHub.com

This is just the beginning and we will be adding more features weekly for our agents to use!





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We’re Growing!

Join the Movement!

Check out the new ELITE Agents from January to April 2016!

We are super excited that these agents have decided to join RE/MAX Elite and take advantage of our Coaching, Accountability, Goal Setting, Marketing and Training programs!  We can’t wait to watch them supercharge their real estate career!

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RE/MAX Design Center Web Ads

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Have you checked out the new Web Ads in Design Center?


Easy steps to create your Web Ad (trust us, it will be harder to choose which great layout you want than it is to actually create this fun design which is perfect for emailing or posting to social)!

Step 1:

Log into your Max Center





Step 2.

Once in the dashboard, go to the RE/MAX Design Center!








Step 3.

From the home page of the Designs, choose the Web Ad Category.








Step 4.

In here you will see 8 designs, 2 pages worth of designs to choose from, we mentioned this was going to be the hard part, you can easily preview each design to see which one will be perfect for your project.  Some tips to help you, photo count and verbiage you are looking to add.  Select the Design.



Step 5.

Enter a Project Name, Description and Folder.  (Tip: I typically keep all projects for a property in a file named with that property address).


Step 6.

Enter photos and text (don’t forget you can preview where the text will be going over on the left side by clicking View Layout).  It will show you how many characters you have remaining for this box.  (TIP: The small ink icon to the far left will give you example text to choose from).


Step 7.

Make sure your information is correct and up to date.  This is pulling straight from your profile in Design Center which we hope you have set up.  If not, make sure you go to the upper right hand corner and set this up (after this project)!  🙂  Save & Continue!


Step 8. Save it, Share it and have fun with your new design!!!





If you are a RE/MAX Elite Agent, feel free to order your Web Ad Here and we will do it for you!




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RE/MAX Agents Average 2X the Home Sales of Other Agents

“Year after year, national surveys show that RE/MAX agents sell more residential real estate than their competitors and this year is no different,” said Dave Liniger, CEO, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of RE/MAX, LLC. “The RE/MAX business model and our many tools, resources and comprehensive training are very attractive to productive agents. Consumers have made their choice and that’s why RE/MAX agents continue to out-perform their competitors.”

Of the total 1,605 brokerages participating in the REAL Trends 500, one third, or 530, were affiliated with RE/MAX. The nearest competitor placed 386. Data from the survey show that RE/MAX agents averaged 17.3 home sales, more than double the 7.9 average of all other agents and led all national franchises.

real trends

Read the Full Press Release here!

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The new remax.com is coming soon!

remax.com is getting a fresh new look.  This new look will have a more modern feel to it and will also match our agent websites!

remax website main

Main Page – easy search and navigation

activity in local area

Based on your ip address, information will display for the area you are in.





Search Features:

Default search display is the Map search


Gallery Display (more traditional)



Call to action: Click on the ASK about this property, requires no registration and will generate a lead.


Call to action, registration, to save, set up alert and create a remax account for searching online.



Lead rotation based on area, zipcode.  You have one hour to accept (via text or email), if not responded to will send to two more remax agents based on location every hour until agent accepts lead.


Exclusivity for your contacts will remain YOUR leads as long as your client is searching within your market area.  If a clients E-mail is in your database, you will automatically receive this lead.


YOUR LISTINGS: As always, you will receive leads on your listings, unless the email address is connected to another RE/MAX agent within the same market area.


If you have not set up your LeadStreet, Contact database, CRM program or RE/MAX website, connect with Heather for a one-on-one training or request a class so we can make sure you are fully set up!



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