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Negotiate to WIN!


Negotiating is a must in our business. It’s how you approach a negotiation that can make or break your business. What better place to look for negotiation tips than from one of the best in the world? Former FBI Negotiator, Chris Voss, shows real estate pros how to implement FBI tactics into the real estate business. It all starts with leveraging emotions.

Through listening techniques, you can tap into the emotions of the buyer and seller. A straightforward way to ensure that you’re listening is to use the practice of mirroring your client’s words and actions. Mirroring allows you to build rapport and helps your clients feel more comfortable throughout the negotiation. As a bonus, you’ll gain valuable information.

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Susan’s Top 10 Sales Tips!

10 Sales Tips Susan covered in this week’s class:

Time Management – Concentrate on managing income producing activities.

Database CLEANSE- It should only contain Past Clients and Sphere of Influence contacts that you know on some personal level, have done business with you or doing business with you. Ideally, 150 names in your database and produce 25-50% of your business.

Decide to work with Buyers or Sellers – Know your ratios!

Lead follow up – How do you schedule following up your leads?

Pre-qualifying Buyers and Sellers – Do you have a questionnaire you use all the time?

Listing presentations – Do you have a good listing presentation and a pre-listing package?

Handling objections – Practice overcoming objections every day.

Closing the deal – What do you say to close the deal?

Negotiating contracts – Become the best negotiator you can be!

Money Management – Know your business expenses and profit


Contact me if you want to master or implement any of these sales tips. I am just a phone call away! ☺

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7 Simple Steps to Winning the Listing Battle

Get more sellers to sign the first time. A Texas star shares how

By Michael Antoniak

When the topic is listing presentations, Cheryl Fairbanks is the expert. By her estimate, she leaves 95 percent of her listing appointments with a signed contract.

“Sellers want to know two things: if there’s anything they need to do to sell their home, and how much they will get,” she says. “If you try to answer those two questions without giving a solid presentation, they’ll say ‘next’ and move on to another agent.

“But if you use the presentation to establish your credibility and show them you’re the expert – before you ever start talking price – you’ll get that listing,” Fairbanks says.

Here, the Hall of Fame member with RE/MAX Trinity II in Southlake, Texas, outlines her best strategies – and what they could mean for your business.


  1. Define the Process

  2. Qualify the Client

  3. Send a Packet

  4. Be a Smart Scheduler

  5. Price with Precision

  6. Establish a Rapport

  7. Make the Winning Pitch


Read the Full Article Here!

Source: RE/MAX ABOVE Mag



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12 Action Items That Will Raise Your Game

Want greater success? Here are a dozen things to do right now. 

1. Set big, consequential goals – and tell someone
2. Start each day doing something for you
3. Prospect leads first; everything else can wait
4. Avoid the trap of overload
5. Ditch your phone (you can do it)
6. Know where you’re going
7. If the timing’s right, hire an assistant
8. Be fun (and smart) in your marketing
9. Reflect your community
10. Create a strategic pipeline for Zillow reviews
11. Share your best ideas
12. Know your why



Source: RE/MAX ABOVE Mag








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