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Thanksgiving Social Artwork

RE/MAX Elite Thanksgiving Social Media

Feel free to download and use for your Social Media Accounts.

Courtesy RE/MAX Elite Marketing Department

Other Resources:  For RE/MAX Agents, free to download and use!

For even more social image options, check out RE/MAX LLC’s designs by going to www.remaxmarketing.com

RE/MAX Creative FB Group – A great place where RE/MAX’ers share their graphics!

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Facebook Covers

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4 Ways to Amplify Your Personal Brand

Being yourself is one way to standout from others as you build your personal brand.
Here are four other tips you can use to amplify who you are in your market.

Have a focus.

Know your target audience and tell your story consistently. Don’t try to be all things to all people. 

Act natural.

People appreciate authenticity. 

Do your homework.

Find a mentor or look at other influential people when building your personal brand. 

Live it.

Don’t lose your personal brand when you’re not working with clients or in a listing presentation. You have to live your personal brand every day and everywhere you go.

Looking for more tips? Let us help you take your career to the MAX!

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Marketing Pitfalls: Be Cautious!

It can be frustrating to have no results from marketing efforts; however, there are much more serious problems than an ineffective marketing campaign.  Some kinds of marketing are illegal under federal and/or state law, and regulators and private attorneys are on the prowl, looking for violations.  Be vigilant and ensure that you are not opening yourself up to liability under these statutes that could significantly harm your business ventures.

For this reason, we are providing below a reminder of some of the key laws you should always keep in mind when engaging in certain marketing activities.  This list is not exhaustive, but highlights some of the laws that are behind many current lawsuits. While this article is intended to give you a basic understanding and reminder of the law in this area, it is always best to carefully review your specific situation, applicable local laws and your policies for compliance with your legal counsel.

CAN-SPAM (applies to marketing e-mails).  The federal CAN-SPAM Act establishes requirements for commercial emails, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them with marketing messages, and spells out tough penalties for violations of up to $41,000 per email. 

All commercial email messages are included in this law, which has the following main requirements:

  • Don’t use false or misleading header information.  (The “From”, “To”, and originating email address must all be accurate and identify you as the sender)
  • Don’t use deceptive subject lines to try to grab attention (such as “important message” or “open me”); subject line must accurately reflect the content of the message, and show that the message is an advertisement.
  • Do include a valid physical postal address in your email.  Every marketing email  must have a physical address contained in it (i.e. in your signature block) at which you can be reached.
  • Do tell recipients how to stop receiving future email marketing messages from you, and honor such “stop” requests within 10 business days.  Note:  any “unsubscribe” button must remain active for the recipient for 30 days.

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Make your home a Miracle Home in 3 Steps!

At RE/MAX Elite we have 100% participation and raise enough funds so our office is a Miracle Office and your homes are Miracle Homes BUT in order for them to appear on remax.com (as well as your SPAW site) as a Miracle Home, you must complete these 3 easy steps!!!

STEP 1: Login into Your Leadstreet and Click Listings!

STEP 2: On your Listing, Click on Details to Edit! (You must be Main listing agent to update status).

STEP 3: Scroll all the way to the bottom, click Miracle Home, then Save!

If you have any questions, reach out to Heather!

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Photofy for RE/MAX Broker & Agents

RE/MAX Agents and offices now have exclusive access to Photofy + RE/MAX, a content creation tool for your practice that now enables you to create beautiful branded content quickly and easily:

  • Open House Invitations
  • New Property Announcements
  • Price Drops
  • Branded Photo Tour Collages
  • “Thank You” and “Congratulations” images and posts
  • And much more . . .


Go to https://photofy.com/remax-invite


Log into MAXcntr


Add your information, click continue. Accept Terms & Conditions… and begin playing!

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Independence Day Social Graphics

Social Media Graphics & Artwork for RE/MAX Peeps!

Celebrate Independence Day – July 4th

Courtesy of RE/MAX Elite’s Marketing Department

Other Resources:  For RE/MAX Agents, free to download and use!

RE/MAX, LLC Social Artwork

RE/MAX Integra Blog – Social Graphics for RE/MAX Agents, free to download and use!

(Make sure to sign up for the Sold Sign Blog for great RE/MAX stuff)!

RE/MAX Creative FB Group – A great place where RE/MAX’ers share their graphics!

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Update your RE/MAX SPAW Website!

Hey all, Looks like you can now showcase the Office listings for your SPAW sites as well as add more text! Go into your LeadStreet, edit profile and click on edit RE/MAX Site.

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Elite BackAgent HUB

Looking for Marketing?

Looking to reserve conference room?

Looking for upcoming events?

Make sure to check out our Elite HUB in backagent! https://remax.backagent.net

Looking for your login? Get with your Branch Manager and they will assist you!

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How to easily recreate a Listing Marketing Package

Wanting a different look for your Marketing? In just 5 easy steps you can recreate your Listing Marketing with a new template design!

Step 1 – Log into maxcntr.com and go to Design Center

Step 2 – Go to your listings!

Step 3 – Find the Listing and click manage

Step 4 – Pick the template you want (this is the hardest step – trust me)

Step 5 – Download your new marketing! The new projects will be in the Project folder in about 15 seconds!

Note: You will need to manually push the youtube video out.

Looking for help? Set up your appointment with Heather today!

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Are you on YouTube? You should be.

Every agent should be using YouTube to help market their business. Not convinced? Read more here with actionable tips for success.

Video isn’t just a fad – it is the way today’s consumers of all ages are taking in information. YouTube has exploded with how-to videos and tutorials, interviews with top professionals in a variety of fields, and where people turn for entertainment. Should you be doing video? We say YES and here’s why, along with some tips to make it successful for you.

The proof is in the numbers. If you haven’t incorporated YouTube into your business strategy, it’s time to get started.

The proof is in the numbers. If you haven’t incorporated YouTube into your business strategy, it’s time to get started.

If you have questions or want to see some great examples from other real estate pros or to learn more about our office, set up a time to meet.

Sources: https://kickofflabs.com/blog/you-should-be-on-youtube-heres-why/

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