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RE/MAX Launches Innovative Social Media Technology

BombBomb Social Prompt for RE/MAX Aims to Improve Reach, Increase Brand Consistency and Generate Online Conversations

RE/MAX, LLC, the world’s most productive real estate network*, has announced a new way for agents and brokers to effortlessly manage social media marketing initiatives while connecting with their clients online. Colorado-based digital marketing company BombBomb offers Social Prompt for RE/MAX, a free social media marketing technology for RE/MAX affiliates.

“Our network of affiliates are known for continually pushing themselves to excel in all aspects of their businesses, so it’s no surprise they want to elevate their social media presence in 2017 and beyond,” said Pete Crowe, RE/MAX Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing. “Whether you’re a top producer or aspiring to be one, BombBomb’s new social media technology will support every agent in our network who is looking for ways to work smarter and connect with consumers in the digital space.”

RE/MAX worked with BombBomb who created Social Prompt to expand reach and empower affiliates with the necessary technology to align their personal brands with the national RE/MAX brand. To make the most of the vast opportunity social media presents, affiliates can now rely on timely, consistent and brand-aligned posts from RE/MAX that are ready to be shared with their Facebook communities.


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The Good, the Bad & The Ugly

It’s that time of year again! The time when we celebrate the best of social media, examine the bad, and just plain cringe at the worst. Back for a fourth year, this is my most popular webinar, and the most fun. All examples are real, all identities are blurred out (mostly) and all lessons are delivered with love. Mark your calendars and join me here, LIVE, for the annual Good, Bad & Ugly of Real Estate marketing.

Need a reminder? Accept the invite here. https://www.facebook.com/events/192979511271540/

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NEW RE/MAX Design Center Projects!

NEW RE/MAX Design Center Projects for 2017!



We have new designs…. AND… we will receive 8 designs versus the previous 5!

Check them out!

Single Property Website Example

Virtual Tour Branded  /  Unbranded

You Tube Video (we will publish for you if we have your Design Center login)!

Social Media Post

Jumbo Postcard

Property Flyer


11×17 Brochure

Don’t forget, all of your listing data & images are pulled over to the Design Center making it easy to edit these designs AND create others!


Here are a couple other designs that are new to the RE/MAX Design Center!








No worries, we have your back!  We have hands on training OR get with Heather for your one on one coaching session!




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Your Personal RE/MAX App

Your clients will receive special instructions to download and set up the RE/MAX App so it’s branded privately and exclusively to you. Make note of your personal link so you can send it via email or share it on your social networks.

Use Your Personal Link

Post it Everywhere

Copy and paste the link below onto your website, your email signature, onto your flyers, and everywhere else you promote yourself and your business.  Your Agent Key: username


TIP: (same as remax email username@remax.net and SPAW site username.remaxagent.com)

Send it Now

Send an email or text message containing this link to a client.

 Download the app

How Do Clients Brand the App?

  1. Have your clients visit getmobile.remax.com on their device.
  2. Download the app from the app store
  3. Open the RE/MAX mobile app
  4. When prompted on first launch, enter your Agent key.


How can I download the mobile app?
Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store for Android devices.

What devices are supported by the Mobile App?
iPhone, iPad and Android devices will be supported.

Will the client’s “My RE/MAX” account be able to sync to the Mobile App?
Yes, with the 2.0 version user will be able to log into their My RE/MAX account and experience the same modifications across all devices. All previous saved searches/listings will sync to the Mobile App.

A user is currently working with an Agent, how can they associate themselves to the Agent within the mobile app?

There are three types of users, they are as follows: Anonymous – Users who download the app but do not use a key to associate with an Agent and has not logged into My RE/MAX.

Branded – People who use an Agent key to associate with an agent and have not logged into My RE/MAX (IMPORTANT = People will be able to change the agent they are branded to until they create a login. At this point the person and agent are associated and the option to enter a key is removed)

Associated – People who have registered with My RE/MAX and have saved properties or listings. Or people who have been associated with an agent through LeadStreet. (IMPORTANT = People who are already associated or when people first login, the Agent key field will not display.)

How can the Agent obtain the Agent Key Code?

The Agent key code is the same as your RE/MAX Mainstreet Username. Your Mainstreet Username is the portion of your remax.net email address that appears before the @ symbol. (i.e. johndoe@remax.net johndoe is the Username.)

What area is populated on the map search upon initial login?

The Mobile App will read the IP at the time of login and display that city and state as the default search factor. The area can be updated within the free form field located at the top of the page.

How can I change the map view?

A red gear located at the bottom left of the map which provides different map view options.

While on map view, how can I look at the actual listings with photos?

A list view is available and can be launched by selecting the list view icon to the top right.

What is the logic when searching for Agents?

The Agent list is generated based on the current location of the map. The sort order defaults to distance from the current location.










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RE/MAX LeadStreet – Changing Lead Coverage Areas

How to modify your Lead Coverage area within RE/MAX LeadStreet in 5 easy steps!


Step 1. Log into maxcntr.com using your remax email and your passowrd (same as “mainstreet” on remax.net

Step 2. Click on the red LeadStreet icon



Step 3. Click on Edit my Profile

4. Click on the Coverage Area Tab

5.  Update the zipcodes and cities that you would like to receive leads from.  You can enter the same zipcode or city or list a coverage area multiple times.  This will put your name on rotation that many times.  TIPS: homes.com leads include rental leads and if you want more leads, enter zipcodes or cities that are not as popular.  😉


Of course if you have any other questions, please let Heather know!

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Farming Into Greater Success

Here’s the blueprint for creating visibility, credibility and potential sales in your targeted areas

Farming – marketing yourself and your business to a specific area ­– has been a real estate staple for decades. Even in our fast-paced, social media world, some of the most basic elements – direct mail, community involvement, expertise, a smile – are as valuable as ever for agents of any experience level.

Meet three dynamic top-producers – two of them fairly new to the business – who’ve farmed their way to greater results.

1. Choose your farm wisely

Select an area you know and like, whether it’s your own neighborhood or a new subdivision. “You have to like your target area, because as you build your reputation, you’ll want to stay a long time and keep it going,” Hughes says.

Agents new to farming might start with an area of about 500 homes and plan to expand it as business increases. Pellettier’s first farm in 2013, was about 600 homes, and it grew pretty quickly as his visibility, sales and budget all increased. He now farms almost 8,000 homes in several areas where he maintains market share of 10 to 25 percent.

I’m a newer agent, but clients don’t ask how long I’ve been in the business. When they see my direct mail pieces, they know I’m a pro. Lisa Groth

Pelletier favors farm areas that have a 5-8 percent turnover rate. If the figure is lower than that, sales may not sustain a strong return on investment. He also measures the competition before he takes an area on. “If another agent has 10 or 12 percent of the market, it’s going to be more difficult to penetrate,” Pellettier says. “Sometimes it’s better to look elsewhere.”

2. Set your farming budget

Allocate enough marketing budget to hit your farm at least once a month. At first, Groth budgeted about 10 percent of her net for a color, two-page newsletter she mailed monthly to 600 households in a Phoenix neighborhood.

In her first year, Groth brought in $5 or $6 for every dollar she spent. And as her business grew, her ROI increased. “The longer you farm, the less you’re going to spend because more people start knowing your name,” she says. “And when they see it repeatedly, they know you’re there to stay.” The second year, she expanded to another key neighborhood, giving her 1,200 homes total.

3. Market yourself consistently

Connect regularly with the people in your farm. You’re building your personal brand and creating relationships. That takes time.

Pellettier became the dominant agent in his farms through communications that were consistent in both timing and message.

“Maintaining consistency can be a challenge; it’s harder than it might sound,” he says. “I want people to know me and know what they can expect from me.”

Like Groth and Hughes, Pellettier sends out high-quality monthly newsletters that include local market reports and information about featured listings information. People in the farms now expect them – and the regular cadence builds both credibility and visibility. Other efforts – postcards, open house and for-sale signs, targeted ads – supplement the newsletters.

Hughes makes the most of face-to-face time, too. He regularly bumps into current or prospective clients at the grocery store, and makes it a point to remember names and details. He also walks the area regularly, becoming a friendly face people know and trust. His exchanges are generally more social or personal, with no mention of real estate. But the question often comes: “How’s the market?” And he’s always ready with the answer.

4. Stand out from the crowd

You have to commit to your farming. And your touches – whatever they are – must stand out from the competition. “There’s no use doing it halfway,” Hughes says. “Spend your money on high-quality pieces.”
Groth’s newsletters give her an edge in listing presentations. “I show clients the high-quality advertising we use to promote our listings,” she says. “I’m a newer agent, but clients don’t ask how long I’ve been in the business. When they see my direct mail pieces, they know I’m a pro.”

Intimate knowledge about your farm also helps separate you from the pack. Groth is ready to assist farm residents with anything from remodeling decisions to finding a babysitter.

“I check inventory stats daily, and people know they can get great, reliable information from me,” she says. “Even if they just want to know what granite to buy for their kitchen, I’m happy to help. I know what will make a home stand out.”

With strategic thinking and a long-term commitment, you can cultivate a geographic farm that yields a bumper crop of sales.

“Farming increases my business and saves me a tremendous amount of time,” Groth says. “There’s nothing better than that.”



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4 Steps to Memorable Marketing

Here are four quick steps to building a marketing strategy that works.
1. Create Your Brand
What do you want to be known for in your market?

What will make people remember you?


2. Think Outside The Box

Take an idea and turn it into your own.  Check out the Quick Hits on RU to see what other Top Agents are doing that are working and put your spin on it!

3. Meet Your Leads Where They Are
How people contact me is how I respond.  It’s the client’s preference.  Take advantage of our multiple offices to meet clients close to their home or where they are searching.


4. Jump at New Opportunities

See a new and fresh idea?  Don’t be afraid to try something new and give it a fair chance!  It’s not about the tools you have.. It’s about the tools you USE!


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Gmail Assistant for Real Estate Agents

If you use Gmail, you will want to check out this FREE program!

The first Gmail assistant for real estate agents Folio automatically organizes your transactions and helps keep everyone on track.
Folio helps busy real estate agents organize and manage their transactions right from their email inbox. When you connect Folio to your email inbox, Folio analyzes your inbox for keywords and phrases that identify that an email thread is about a transaction. it then automatically categorizes the emails, files, and contacts related to each transaction (like magic!).

Automatically organize transactions
Folio automatically places emails into Smart Folders for each one of your transactions.
Calendar sync
When you add or change a date in the timeline, dates are automatically synced to everyone’s calendar.
Reminders and notes
Set up reminders or notes for your clients at any step during closing: from inspections through insurance to the loan deadline.

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Real Geeks – Texts & Emails


Setting up your Text & Email Auto Responders in Real Geeks!


Did you know that we have auto texting and email responders available inside our office dashboard?  Did you know you can get a free agent landing page to generate more leads for you, branded to you as well as full access to our built website?


Check out these agent landing pages… these are custom made so get with Heather to have yours made!
Here are a couple:

13 Free Real Estate Text Message Templates That Get You Answers
Real Estate Text Templates That Will Get Responses
Text Messaging: Scripts for Real Estate Agents
Send the Right Message: Email Scripts That Work









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LeadStreet – How to Auto Post Your Listings to Social

LeadStreet – How to Auto Post Your Listings to Social

Let’s get your LeadStreet working for you!  In this LeadStreet Tip we are going to go over how to set up your account to have your Listings, Open Houses, Price Reductions and/or Sold homes to auto post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts!


1.)  Log into Maxcntr.com and click on LeadStreet.

max center home

2.) Click on the “apps” drowndown and then click on Social Settings.

max cnter apps

3.) Click on the service you want, and follow the steps to connect your social accounts.

4.)  Turn on the automatic posts that you would like to set on autopilot!

maxcnter social connect

5.) That is all there is to it!  🙂













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