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4 Steps to Memorable Marketing

Here are four quick steps to building a marketing strategy that works.
1. Create Your Brand
What do you want to be known for in your market?

What will make people remember you?


2. Think Outside The Box

Take an idea and turn it into your own.  Check out the Quick Hits on RU to see what other Top Agents are doing that are working and put your spin on it!

3. Meet Your Leads Where They Are
How people contact me is how I respond.  It’s the client’s preference.  Take advantage of our multiple offices to meet clients close to their home or where they are searching.


4. Jump at New Opportunities

See a new and fresh idea?  Don’t be afraid to try something new and give it a fair chance!  It’s not about the tools you have.. It’s about the tools you USE!


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Gmail Assistant for Real Estate Agents

If you use Gmail, you will want to check out this FREE program!

The first Gmail assistant for real estate agents Folio automatically organizes your transactions and helps keep everyone on track.
Folio helps busy real estate agents organize and manage their transactions right from their email inbox. When you connect Folio to your email inbox, Folio analyzes your inbox for keywords and phrases that identify that an email thread is about a transaction. it then automatically categorizes the emails, files, and contacts related to each transaction (like magic!).

Automatically organize transactions
Folio automatically places emails into Smart Folders for each one of your transactions.
Calendar sync
When you add or change a date in the timeline, dates are automatically synced to everyone’s calendar.
Reminders and notes
Set up reminders or notes for your clients at any step during closing: from inspections through insurance to the loan deadline.

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Real Geeks – Texts & Emails


Setting up your Text & Email Auto Responders in Real Geeks!


Did you know that we have auto texting and email responders available inside our office dashboard?  Did you know you can get a free agent landing page to generate more leads for you, branded to you as well as full access to our built website?


Check out these agent landing pages… these are custom made so get with Heather to have yours made!
Here are a couple:

13 Free Real Estate Text Message Templates That Get You Answers
Real Estate Text Templates That Will Get Responses
Text Messaging: Scripts for Real Estate Agents
Send the Right Message: Email Scripts That Work









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LeadStreet – How to Auto Post Your Listings to Social

LeadStreet – How to Auto Post Your Listings to Social

Let’s get your LeadStreet working for you!  In this LeadStreet Tip we are going to go over how to set up your account to have your Listings, Open Houses, Price Reductions and/or Sold homes to auto post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts!


1.)  Log into Maxcntr.com and click on LeadStreet.

max center home

2.) Click on the “apps” drowndown and then click on Social Settings.

max cnter apps

3.) Click on the service you want, and follow the steps to connect your social accounts.

4.)  Turn on the automatic posts that you would like to set on autopilot!

maxcnter social connect

5.) That is all there is to it!  🙂













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RE/MAX Design Center Web Ads

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Have you checked out the new Web Ads in Design Center?


Easy steps to create your Web Ad (trust us, it will be harder to choose which great layout you want than it is to actually create this fun design which is perfect for emailing or posting to social)!

Step 1:

Log into your Max Center





Step 2.

Once in the dashboard, go to the RE/MAX Design Center!








Step 3.

From the home page of the Designs, choose the Web Ad Category.








Step 4.

In here you will see 8 designs, 2 pages worth of designs to choose from, we mentioned this was going to be the hard part, you can easily preview each design to see which one will be perfect for your project.  Some tips to help you, photo count and verbiage you are looking to add.  Select the Design.



Step 5.

Enter a Project Name, Description and Folder.  (Tip: I typically keep all projects for a property in a file named with that property address).


Step 6.

Enter photos and text (don’t forget you can preview where the text will be going over on the left side by clicking View Layout).  It will show you how many characters you have remaining for this box.  (TIP: The small ink icon to the far left will give you example text to choose from).


Step 7.

Make sure your information is correct and up to date.  This is pulling straight from your profile in Design Center which we hope you have set up.  If not, make sure you go to the upper right hand corner and set this up (after this project)!  🙂  Save & Continue!


Step 8. Save it, Share it and have fun with your new design!!!





If you are a RE/MAX Elite Agent, feel free to order your Web Ad Here and we will do it for you!






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Be Where Your Customers Are

If you run a company and want to reach out to your clients, you need to do some legwork. Gone are the day of building a website and watching leads roll in all the time. Yes, if you are wise, you will follow these four tips to be where your customers are.

Define your audience:

Without a doubt, if you want to do well with social media, you need to know your audience. Are they older people or younger or somewhere in between? Do people who want your product live at home or are thy single moms? By knowing this, you can use the right social media marketing guidelines to find your clients.

Multiple outlets:

If you think you can have one social media account and call it a day, you are mistaken. In fact, to get to the client’s heart, you need to have four or five social media accounts, including one at Facebook and twitter, to get started.

Research your followers:

Now, if you have the time and resources, you should research your followers and see where they go and where they come from. By checking out the Web, you can get to the bottom of the issue and come up with a wise and sound public relations strategy.

Use communication to your advantage:

Mass communication, simply put, will allow you to talk to your followers all at once. In the long run, this will allow you to run your social network with ease and without any trouble.

With these four customer service tips, you are going to have an easier time when you want to convert your potential clients into ones who stick around for the long haul. Otherwise, if you are not wise and take your own approach, you will struggle mightily when you want to find clients.

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Choose Your Image Wisely

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When customers visit your website, the first thing they’re drawn to is imagery, not text. On social media, posts get much more attention when they’re accompanied by interesting graphics. This is why it’s so important to choose the right images for your website, social networks, and other mass communications.

  1. Images should be professional. That doesn’t necessarily mean buttoned up – if you have a lifestyle website, for example, you certainly don’t want to use stuffy images. Images should always be high quality, though.
  1. Images should stay in-line with your brand. If you sell writing services and you often post photos of the writing process and your home office, don’t all of a sudden throw in shots of your dog or hanging out at a bar with friends. Social media marketing is social, yes, but it shouldn’t be off message.
  1. Instead of using stock images, hire a photographer to shoot for you. If you’re good at planning, you’ll know in advance what imagery you’ll need and you can send the photographer a shot list.
  1. Build a lifestyle around your brand using images. Let’s say you sell jewelry – you don’t only need shots of the jewelry, but also images of people wearing the jewelry and the lifestyle that your ideal customers lead.
  1. Avoid offensive images. One of the most important customer service tips to learn is to never offend your audience!
  1. Only use legal images. Don’t pull images off of other websites if you don’t have permission. When searching online, make sure to find “Creative Commons” images.

Whatever images you choose, make sure that you’re always appealing to the customer. Your business’ imagery is a public relations matter and your audience should always be your first priority.

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Make Real Life Connections

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Technology has brought sweeping changes to the way in which we connect with other people. Although telephones like those used in the past, now mostly referred as land lines, are still being used, social media is fast becoming the primary means with which we reach out and get to know others.

Social media takes many forms for personal and professional use. Sometimes these media overlap, but there are plenty of options for fun purposes as well as building a professional marketing platform. Social media marketing began with email and business websites and has exploded into the cyber realms with the addition of Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, and numerous other programs.

Keeping in touch with vendors, customers, and the public in general gives a company a distinct marketing edge. A business can maintain visibility through timely tweets on relevant topics, posts to manufacturers’ and distributors’ websites, reviews on pertinent products or innovations, and comments in discussion forums, for example.

Building a public relations platform can use any or all of these types of social media. For example, every company or entrepreneur should have a website to establish a marketing presence and product niche. Mass communications media can be utilized to distribute newsletters, press releases, product updates, upcoming special events, and comments to industry news. Utilizing a variety of social networks helps to reach a broad audience of those who may be interested in a company’s product or services. While tweets are brief and focused, a product review can be more detailed and opinionated. Consumers of specific demographics can be targeted for updates and news.

Skype online marketing is great for video conferencing and sales presentations. Customer service tips can be tweeted or posted to a LinkedIn account. With so many options available, social media is the best marketing medium to use to reach a broad audience quickly.

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Is your Online Presence where is needs to be?

Is your online presence where you want it to be?

Google yourself + real estate!  What shows up first?  Hopefully not a profile which has a shadow picture!  Make sure that your online profiles are complete and have a professional profile picture!  I get 50 requests per week into our RE/MAX Referral Network each week and maybe 70% of the requests make it in because I do not see anything RE/MAX or real estate related on their personal profile, they are “secret agents”.

What are you doing now?  What are you currently doing now for your online business?  Website presence, blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Zillow, Trulia, Instagram, marketing-1013tm-pic-2297Pinterest… the list goes on and on.  What are you doing to be consistent online?

What is currently working?  Are you tracking prospects, leads, conversions, relationships?

Who is your target audience?  You need to be present where your ideal target audience is.  If you are going after the Millennials, you may be better off working Instagram than you would on LinkedIn..  Instead of trying to be EVERYWHERE horribly, focus your energy on where your ideal client would be and be consistently awesome!

Stop thinking like an agent!  Maybe you see agents posting there listings 5 times a day…  don’t do it.  You and other agents are the only ones who are seeing it because that is NOT being social and you will not create relationships online this way.  Stop the hard sell approach and give value to your online social game!  It will create engageable and shareable content which will get you father in the long run.  Also, where is the public going to check agents out?  What do they find when they search for you?  You want to make sure that a potential seller can find your listings quickly or that a potential buyer can see the homes you have sole or your reviews/ testimonials.

Establish set goals, execution details and timelines.  Use a program that will allow you to schedule great content throughout the week, while you can also post live, this will be great filler content (events, neighborhood info, your blogs, quotes, etc).  Have a content calendar to help you with your ideas.

Don’t try to accomplish everything at once. If you try to go from 0 platforms to 10 platforms you probably won’t even last a week.  Figure out the best platform that matches your business style as well as you business and master it, then move on to the next platform.  This will help prevent you from being overwhelmed and quitting altogether.

Some helpful resources to get your started;

Brandyourself.com – Allows you to enter your name and it will give you a rating.  Best part about this program is that it will go over your profiles and give you great tips on how to enhance them more effectively for maximum search engine optimization (SEO).

Katielance.com – If you are looking to get social, check out Katies content calendar with great tips and ideas for your social game.  Her blog and webinar is also awesome so be sure to sign up.

Google Analytics – This is free and absolutely necessary if you have your own website!  This will give you demographics for all aspects of your website traffic as well as what social media traffic is working best for you.  *You might be surprised at the results)!

RE/MAX Play – This great facebook group is all about videos!  If you are looking to take advantage of video, you will want to be in this group!

Facebook Covers – You will want to be professional so be sure to check out our facebook covers!


Of course I am here to help you along the way!!

Heather Holliday, Your Technology Coach & Social Marketing Nut!



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Press-Release Posting Sites, FREE!

Press-Release Posting Sites, FREE!

These are perfect for events, RE/MAX Achievement awards and so much more!

Media Venue Website Address
BigNews http://www.bignews.biz/
eBoom http://news.eboomwebsolutions.com
Free-Press-Release http://www.free-press-release.com
Free-Press-Release-Center.info http://www.free-press-release-center.info
I-newswire http://www.i-newswire.com/
LooselyCoupled http://www.looselycoupled.com
Media Syndicate http://mediasyndicate.com/
NewswireToday http://www.newswiretoday.com/
Open Press http://theopenpress.com
PR Inside http://www.pr-inside.com
PR Log http://www.prlog.org
PR.com http://www.pr.com/
Pressbox UK http://www.pressbox.co.uk/
PressReleasePoint http://www.pressreleasepoint.com
Prlog.org http://www.prlog.org
PRUrgent http://prurgent.com

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