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Camp RE/MAX 2016 Week 1 Recap

Camp RE/MAX 2016 Week 1 Recap

We had a great time at our fist Camp RE/MAX Class and our Elite Challenge is on!!!  Stay stuned for our Leadboard in the coming weeks!

Thanks for joining us for week 1 of camp! We hope you took away some valuable tips and tools to help you grow and improve your business.  If you missed it, or want to share the replay, here it is!  You can also download the slides here: http://snip.ly/e822i

Our Campers were ready for the Circus!!  We also got a lot of great tips and teck tricks that we can’t wait to play with!




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Camp RE/MAX Week 1 – Ticket Booth

Camp RE/MAX Week 1 – Ticket Booth:


week 1

Camp starts next week! Join over 1000 folks online for one of the hottest events of the summer! On July 7th, we’ll kick it all off with TICKET BOOTH – your guide to all the tips, tricks, tech, and tools that can help you in your business! Tell a friend, be sure to join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, using the hashtag #campremax, and get ready to have some fun! To register for the online event visit http://bit.ly/campREMAX2016

Don’t forget to join us in the Melbourne Training Center and join our friendly office competition!

Get the full schedule and scoop here!

1 Ticket = Joining us in the Melbourne Training Center to watch program LIVE!

2 Tickets = Complete Homework prior to the end of business on the Wednesday prior the next episodes.

1 Ticket = Every New Listing

1 Ticket = Every New Pending Sale







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July 2016 Training

JULY 7TH, 14TH, 21st & 28TH – 10:45 -11:30am


This will be our first of 8 week series!



JULY 12TH 9:30AM

appFiles – BASIC Training

If you missed the appFiles Initial training class or if you are still unsure of the appFile process, please join us for this class!  Lisi will be going over the office procedures to ensure everyone understands the new system and that there are NO delays with getting paid!  Please feel free to send me or Lisi your questions ahead of time!  We will also attempt to do our first Facebook Live Group.


Chris Smith, Speaker


**BONUS** Most of the event organizers are giving everyone who RSVP’s + attends a FREE hard copy of my USA Today and Amazon bestselling book The Conversion Code!!

PROMO CODE: chrisvip or remax

JULY 26TH 9:30AM 

International Division Meeting  

RE/MAX, LLC Logo. (PRNewsFoto/RE/MAX International, Inc.)







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Camp RE/MAX 2016

Ferris Wheels, Fireworks & Funnel Cake! This summer, we are spending some time at the county fair! Join us for 8 weeks of fun and frivolity (and learning!)

Sign up now for Camp RE/MAX, our 2016 training summer series! If kids can go to summer camp, why can’t you? Join us this summer for 8 weeks of webinars packed with tips, tricks and tools to optimize your online presence and boost your fall productivity! These weekly, 20-minute sessions are hosted by the RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Team, and are open to everyone!

RE/MAX ELITE Will be having our own Agent Challenge!

1 Ticket = Joining us in the Melbourne Training Center to watch program LIVE!

2 Tickets = Complete Homework prior to the end of business on the Wednesday prior the next episodes.

1 Ticket = Every New Listing

1 Ticket = Every New Pending Sale

1 Ticket = Using #campREMAX and #ELITEagentchallenge in a social post weekly

2 Tickets = Joining us on any “field trip” during the classes.




Webinars are 11:00am-11:30.  If you plan on meeting at the office, please come at 10:45 for a 15 minute open discussion prior to the webinar!

Week 1 – Ticket Booth – Tips, Trick, Tech & Tools   (July 7th)
Week 2 – Clown – Entertaining & Education with Visual Marketing (July 14th)
Week 3 – Fireworks – Working with Difficult People  (July 21th)
Week 4 – Blue Ribbon – Winning Farming Strategies  (July 28th)
Week 5 – Ferris Wheel – Lead Conversion Marketing  (Aug 4th)
Week 6 – Corn Maze – Tracking all the Tech  (Aug 11th)
Week 7 – Funnel Cake – The Sweet Side of Sellers   (Aug 18th)
Week 8 – Bumper Cars – Tips to Stay Organized  (Aug 25th)

Be sure to also join the conversation at https://www.facebook.com/campremax or on Twitter using #campREMAX

Classes will be shown in our training room but you are always welcome to watch on your own and do the homework for your change to win weekly prizes and of course the overall RE/MAX Elite Summer Champ!

  1. Thu, Jul 14, 2016 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT
  2. Thu, Jul 21, 2016 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT
  3. Thu, Jul 28, 2016 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT
  4. Thu, Aug 4, 2016 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT
  5. Thu, Aug 11, 2016 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT
  6. Thu, Aug 18, 2016 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT
  7. Thu, Aug 25, 2016 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT


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Agent Development Classes – February 2015

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RE/MAX Elite Agent Development Program Classes for February 2015!

We have a little something for everyone this February!!  On the technology side we have classes for your online presence as well as diving deep into the power of facebook!  For your Business, we have two Mastermind Classes, FSBO’s and Open Houses where you as the agent will set the pace and we will dive deep into strategies that are working and not working as well as resources to hep you every step of the way!

RSVP to Heather or Susan if you plan to attend!!

Check out our Calendar for more information on these classes!

2.4.16-Online-Business 2.9 fsbo mastermind 2.18---Facebook 2.23 Open House mastermind

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How do I drive traffic to my website?

One of the top questions we are always asked is:

“How do I drive traffic to my website”?

Here are our top 5 methods for driving traffic to your website!  This article is about what you can be doing to drive the visitors to your website.  Of course you will also want to have an easy way for someone to contact you once they get there in order to capture those visitors!  ?

#1 – Marketing Pieces! EVERY marketing piece you do should have your website address.  From your business card, listing flyers, print ads or any other visual marketing piece you make!  Make it as easy as possible for someone to find your site.

#2 – Social Media!  Driving traffic to your website via your social channels will be your #1 traffic source!   We use our my website as our resource HUB so our blogs are information pieces that we can post with tips, giveaways, specials, etc.  This is a great source for social sharing and it drives people back to our website to read the full article.  Facebook drives over 50% of our website traffic.

#3 – Analyze your website traffic!  Your website should have google analytics set up (if not, stop reading this post and do this NOW)!  By evaluating WHERE your traffic is coming from, you will know what is working and what isn’t.  If you have a high bounce rate from an online ad it is easy to assume that your text or call to action was not very clear to the consumer and they went to your site for something else, or if you have a high bounce rate in general it may be time to revamp that home page.  Using Google Analytics you will be able to see what pages are working, where the traffic is coming from which will help you understand the consumer behaviors.

#4 – Pinterest!  Yes, Pinterest is a social channel but I believe it deserves its own # in this post.   Pinterest is the #1 growing social platform and you should be there!  Most people are re-pinners meaning they find great photos that are fun or informative and they re-pin that photo onto one of their boards.  If you are pinning photos from your website that photo is always attached to your website via the “source” so every time someone re-pins your photo it will have the backlink to your website!   You can even upload images and click then edit and add your website as the source.  That may seem confusing but it is as though your website is shared with thousands of people every time someone re-pins your photo so make sure that your blog photos are picture perfect!  Pinterest is the 2nd highest source for driving traffic to our website!

#5 – Online Advertising! Of course you could always run ads on several different platforms.  Google Adwords, Facebook and on and on.  There are so many other platforms (based on your business needs).  You can pay per click based on keywords and the audience that you choose.  I personally have only used the ads on facebook to drive traffic back to my website via a blog or special but there are several reputable blogs with great resources on this topic.  When using online advertising make sure your message is clear to the consumer and have a way to capture those visitors!

Don’t forget if you are looking to add social media into your business plan or do not know where to start, we offer several classes as well as one on one training for all of our agents with our very own Technology Coach / Trainer, Heather Holliday!

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Is Your Online Presence Ready For 2016?

Episode #96: Mobile Agent TV ~ Is Your Online Presence Ready For 2016?

Their guest was our very own Technology Coach, Heather Holliday.

Heather helped us set our online marketing goals for 2016 and walked us through how to achieve them. From search to social, from generating website traffic to targeted ads … we covered it all.

A recent report from the BCREA found that REALTORS® lacking sophisticated online presence will be invisible to a significant slice of the market. Are you ready for 2016?


View more episodes here

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You vs Your Competition. Who wins?

How good are you at stating why you are a better option than all the other agents in your marketplace?

If you were one of five agents that had 30 seconds with an investor who was looking to buy 10+ properties … could you convince them to work with you?
I’m confident that with a strong unique selling proposition (USP) you’d be the one the investor would choose.
Episode 44 is all about formulating the best USP possible so that you present with confidence and win more business.
Check out the Tom Ferry Show, Episode #44

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November 2015 RU Webinars

New new websites are live!

Sales Associates in Company Owned Regions, 

To help you make the most of the preview period beginning Monday, November 2, for the new LeadStreet and your SPAWs, Homes.com will host a series of webinars in November. 

Starting Tuesday, November 3, there will be webinar sessions each Tuesday and Thursday for the month, with two additional sessions happening on November 9 and 16. All sessions will be recorded.
REMINDER: You’ll preview your new LeadStreet account and SPAWs/SPOWs through the “RE/MAX Affiliate Log In” link in the bottom-right corner of the remax.com home page (not remax.net). The link will appear on remax.com beginning November 2. You’ll be prompted to enter your username and password (the same ones you enter to access Mainstreet).
We continue to receive positive, constructive feedback on the new technology, and we appreciate all of your comments. Be sure to send them to eCare@remax.net.

Click here Click here for PDF with live links november trainingEST_Nov_Webinar Announcement

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Business Development and Agent Accountability

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Business Development and Agent Accountability at RE/MAX Elite

Coach-FlyerHave you ever thought about going into a real estate coaching program?  We have personally seen our agents double and more than triple their business income and have seen the value first hand which is why we have implemented Business Coaching as part of our office culture and services to our agents.

We are not about teaching the fundamentals, we are about MASTERING it!  Teachings via Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini and other top real estate coaching has made a vast improvement in our agents productivity!


Ask us about our Agent Development Program!
Schedule your one-on-one 30 minute consultation with Susan Lewis please call 321-775-8110

Susan will be placing an emphasis on consulting, training and accountability.  Perfect for you as in individual and ideal for a growing team atmosphere!


Call Susan Lewis Today!

(321) 775-8110 or email her at susan.brevardelite@gmail.com





Lou Ann Janke 2015 touch up“Our meeting with Susan was well worth the time we spent with her.  She opened our eyes to the simple things that we knew we should be doing, but just don’t ever seem to find the time to get it done. She gave us some great ideas that we plan on implementing into our 2015 business plan. Thank you Susan for the great one-on-one time!”
~ Lou Ann Janke


Euceny Deanto CROPPED webWorking with Susan Lewis getting me prepared for “SUCCESS” in my career with RE/MAX Elite has been a wonderful experience! She is knowledgeable and patient. Susan has it all that we could possibly need from a “coach” to be successful, and I’m looking forward to working with her for many years to come because learning is always fun with someone who really is there for you.
~ Euceny Deanto


Betty SpecialSusan is awesome ! She is a great coach, knowledgeable and with many years of experience in the Real Estate Industry. She is a great manager and is always available to help you grow your Real Estate business. If you are a new agent, or a seasoned I highly recommend Susan as your preferred coach !

~Betty Special
25 + Years in the Real Estate Industry



Sheery Toms 2015Susan has been a great coach and mentor.  Our weekly calls help keep me motivated and focused on my goals and she has been instrumental in helping me implement new ideas in my marketing plan to increase my business.

~Sherry Toms




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