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Justin Brown, Founder/CEO


Justin Brown, Founder/CEO of RE/MAX ELITE, has been full time in the Real Estate industry since 1998. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, he moved to Brevard County in 1993. His career started from the ground up at the ripe old age of 20 while working as a personal assistant to the Broker/Owner of a local Coldwell Banker franchise. From there he went on to be the Broker/Owner’s Buyer’s Agent, and then navigated out on his own to lead the company in sales.

Shortly thereafter, he acquired ownership into a Coldwell Banker franchise for the Melbourne area. About 1.5 years after that, he sold his shares and went searching for a better way. After experiencing the pitfalls of operating a traditional company, he stumbled upon the RE/MAX concept.

Once he fully understood the “Everybody Wins” business model that RE/MAX incorporates, he was hooked. Sales Associates are in business for themselves, not by themselves. The Top Producer doesn’t support the bottom producer.  The Broker/Owner, Sales Associate, and Client all truly win in this system.

He credits his success on treating everyone with honesty, integrity, & professionalism. He is the proud husband to Breanne and Father to Jake, Cole, Luke & Lexi.  They all provide additional support to the entire RE/MAX ELITE family.

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Justin Brown

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The McCoy-Freeman Group has worked along side of Justin Brown our entire Real Estate careers. Justin is now currently acting as the Owner/Broker of RE/MAX Elite. McCoy-Freeman hangs our license with Justin at RE/MAX Elite because of the integrity and professionalism that he brings to the table as a Broker. We enjoy our relationship with the best Real Estate office in Brevard County. Thanks to you Justin!

~McCoy-Freeman Group, Jennifer McCoy & Bobby Freeman

Justin is very professional, ethical and a forward thinking person. I have known Justin for many years, his standard of service and the running of RE/MAX ELITE is outstanding. If you are a Realtor working for any other company, I would highly recommend you come and speak to the best!

~Sue Tillman

RE/MAX Elite never ceases to amaze and delight me.  There’s never a time when you are not striking your fine and worthy agents; making education fun; informing and guiding & offering expert resources and raising money for those in need.  You are EVERYTHING you promosed to be and so much more.

~Jill Wallace

Credit should be given when credit is due!

I recently encountered a seller who just decided  NOT to pay the commission due to me and RE/MAX Elite.   I brought her a full price, cash offer no contingencies on her 5th floor Fountain Cove condo but none the less after several conversations with her I gave up and turned it over to my Broker Justin Brown. This seller was very stubborn and most brokers would have just given  up and eaten the loss but Justin went after her  and was successful in collecting commission and taught her a lesson honesty is the best policy when you sign a real estate listing agreement with RE/MAX Elite .  Thank you Justin for being on my side!

~Mary Gowenlock

I recently went up against competitors in Lansing Island for a $1.7 million dollar listing.  Justin stopped what he was doing and went out of his way to assist me in securing the listing.  We talked about what to say and how to say it.  He even took the time to e-mail responses to objections the seller was making about the competition.  All I had to do was simply copy & paste what he said and send along with my signature on it.  Long story short, I won the listing and sold the house 3 weeks later.  By leveraging the knowledge and support of a Billion Dollar Broker, I now have an additional $30,395 sitting in my bank account!  The value that I receive working with Justin, Kerry, Heather, Lisi, and the rest of the crew here at Elite has been priceless!

~ Karen Osiniak, RE/MAX Hall of Fame



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