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RE/MAX Truths vs Myths

The TRUTH About RE/MAX Elite!

Competitors are very good at talking about what RE/MAX Elite does and doesn’t do. But the fact is, much of it simply isn’t true.

When you’re considering a move to RE/MAX Elite, the question is simple: Is the fear of change greater than the pain you feel due to policies, procedures and restrictive business practices beyond your control?

It’s true that RE/MAX Elite agents work at a different pace and approach their business seriously. They bring a mix of guts, drive, leadership, heart and passion to their careers. Those elements, along with the many advantages they find at RE/MAX Elite, help them close more transactions than their competitors.

If you recognize these elements in yourself, RE/MAX Elite is a great fit for you.

So let’s address some of the myths you may have encountered.

RE/MAX Elite Truths vs Myths

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