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RE/MAX Elite New Year Social Media Facebook Covers.

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RE/MAX Elite Holiday Social Media Facebook Covers.

For Generic Facebook Covers that are available to download for other RE/MAX Peeps












NEW YEAR’S SOCIAL POSTS (perfect for the day of on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google Plus!







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11 Candy Alternatives for Halloween

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Perhaps you’re not feeling candy this year. Maybe you’ve experienced the wrath of an over-sugared six-year-old (or their parents). Maybe you can’t trust yourself to sit for hours by the front door with a massive quantity of chocolate without eating most of it yourself. Or maybe you’re a dentist. Don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can give trick-or-treaters instead of the sweet stuff. Here are a few:

1. Glow sticks
Could there be a more perfect accessory for Halloween? Kids can light them up with a snap and wear them as bracelets, necklaces and crowns. Bonus: they make it easier for parents to keep their eyes on their kiddos.

2. Stickers
Choose from the assortment of ghosts, witches and pumpkins available in stores in October or go with stickers with year-round appeal, like super heroes and animals.

3. Bubbles
Hours – or at least a few minutes – of bubble-blowing entertainment in every little bottle.

4. Plastic spider rings
The creepy-crawly bling kids love to wear.

5. Crazy straws
Halloween-themed straws can easily be found in dollar stores.

6. Fake fangs
These could also add a point of interest to your annual holiday photo card, if you’re so inclined.

7. Temporary tattoos
What kid doesn’t want a cool spiderweb on their bicep?

8. Slime
What exactly is the ooey-gooey stuff in the little cans? It remains a mystery, but kids definitely love to squish this classic toy.

9. Plastic jewelry
Sparkly rings, bracelets, necklaces and cheap tiaras are not only fun for kids to wear, but you can dress like a pirate as you hand out your glittering treasures.

10. Bouncy #####
Beloved especially by kids who live in homes with hardwood floors.

11. Kazoos
Parents may hate you, but kids can lead their own parades as they head to the next house.

Looking for a home in a trick-or-treater-friendly neighborhood? A buyer’s agent can help identify which ‘hoods are happy for Halloween and other kid-friendly occasions. Find one here:



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